Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aubrey identifies her body parts

By David Howie

I was going through some old files this morning and found a folder of random videos taken when Aubrey was about 20 months old. I was pestering her to say all the words she knows and to identify body parts. Super cute (I mean pretty).



Sarah Denley said...

I love all these posts by David. Way to keep it interesting, Howies! She looks SO little.

Carrie said...

That's cute! I feel like we're slacking on teaching Jude his body parts now... you think he'll be able to identify all that in 2 months??

David Howie said...

In another of the videos, she could say mommy, daddy, her grandparents' names, and her uncles' names. Plus half a dozen other words. I don't know if it's a girls are more verbal than boys kind of thing or if Jude will make a huge leap forward in the next 2 months. But she does seem much bigger (more coordinated) than Jude is now.

Sarah Denley said...

Howies, y'all are precious. Having a dialogue in your comments over your kids comparative developmental stages. Glad you guys will have the blog to keep you entertained through the long, cableless Winter months ;)