Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Look!

Once again, I have to thank my sweet blog friend, Katie, for giving my blog a makeover! I love the new look!! :) As much as I loved my Christmas design, it was past time for that to come down.

And speaking of Christmas coming down, I took my Christmas decorations down a few weeks ago and completely forgot to take pictures of everything before it came down. Pregnancy brain? Haha! So, I won't be posting pictures after all. It's ok though, because my house really didn't look much different than it did last year. Really the only thing I did differently was to incorporate some antlers into my decorations. I DO wish I had taken pictures of that because I know it sounds really country, but I really liked it! I wanted to go a little bit more "rustic Christmas" this year, and I love that look (in general and for Christmas). I want to play that look up even more next year, and I'll definitely [try to] take pictures! :)

1 comment:

David Howie said...

Hopefully you won't have pregnancy brain as an excuse if you forget the pictures next year.