Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21 Weeks

We took this picture late last night when I got home from Bunco. For some reason, we can't remember to take these pictures until I'm ready to get ready for bed! Haha! Therefore, my makeup is mostly gone, and I just look sleepy. But, it is what it is. Maybe we'll remember to take it earlier next week :)

Pregnancy Highlights How Far Along: 21 weeks
Size of baby: She is about 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces -- about the size of a banana!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: After all the Halloween candy that I've consumed, I don't even want to talk about my weight :-/
Maternity Clothes: Yes. See above my weight. Haha!
Movement: I've really started to feel her move more in the past week! It's been frequent enough to keep me from worrying, so that's nice :) Of course, some days I feel her more than others, but I know it just depends on my activity level.
Gender: It's a GIRL!!! Her name is Alaina Ruth :)
Sleep: Between sicks kids who aren't sleeping well, and having a cold myself, sleep hasn't been wonderful this past week. I can't really blame any of it on Alaina Ruth, though :)
What I miss: I miss not thinking about how everything I eat is going to make me so fat. Haha! When I'm not pregnant, I can kind of eat what I want (to a certain extent), but that just is not the case when I'm pregnant. And by the way, I know I end up talking about my weight a lot in these posts, but I really am not usually a person who obsesses about my weight. I try to be in shape, and I want to look thin of course, but it's not something I'm constantly thinking about (contrary to how it may seem from reading these posts....) :)
Cravings: Halloween candy? Haha! No, seriously, I really haven't had any major cravings.
Symptoms: Sleepiness in the afternoons. I have to fight the urge to take a nap everyday after lunch!
Best Moment This Week: I've loved calling Alaina by name this week! I'm loving her name more and more :) I also really enjoy the more frequent movement.
What I Am Looking Forward To: I'm excited about finding a dresser to paint/distress for Alaina's room. We've decided not to redo the nursery (it's pretty gender neutral, in my opinion), but we will change a few small things to make it Alaina's room instead of Jude's. He will be getting a new room! I'm ready to tackle all of our little projects!

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I do love her name and it will be so fabulous to be able to have an A put on every single thing you want. I enjoyed reading your spiritual warfare post. Very articulate! My brain does not work like that anymore.