Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week in Review: Colds, Teeth, and a Day Trip

This week, we spent a lot of time at home because the kids (mostly Jude) were under the weather. David and I ended up catching colds too, so that was no fun. Having a cold and taking care of kids who also have colds is tiring! We made it, though, and we are all doing much better! Jude has been super fussy the past few days again, and we're praying it's just teeth (he seems to be getting some on the bottom) and not ears!

Sunday: Jude was still under the weather, sadly, so I stayed home from church with him. I helped David get Aubrey ready for church, and the two of them left. Jude and I had a nice morning at home, although it was pretty different just having him here! It was so quiet! I played with him for a while, and then I took a shower. I cooked some mashed potatoes, but Jude wouldn't touch them. He's SO picky these days and mealtime just stresses me out! I got him to eat a few things, and then I put him down for his nap. I cooked the rest of our lunch (green beans and fish), and we ate when David and Aubrey got home. They told me about church, and then David put Aubrey down for a nap, and I took a nap too. I got up that afternoon and got ready for church. David had to do the sound that night at church, so my mom had offered to come over and keep Jude so that David and I could both go to church :) Of course, Aubrey wanted to stay with Gramzie too, so we let her. It was nice to be able to go to church, and we stopped and picked up some dinner at Newks on the way home. We put the kids to bed that evening, and then I watched some TV.

Monday: Jude was up bright and early! I'm really not a fan of daylight savings these days! We hung out at home until Aubrey woke up, and then I made a grocery list and we went to Kroger. We got lots of groceries (we had NO FOOD at our house), and then we came home and unloaded the groceries. I baked some chicken for lunch and attempted to feed Jude. Most of the food ended up on the floor, as usual. Aubrey and I ate lunch, and then I put them down for naps. They took pretty good naps, and I took a short nap myself. When the kids woke up, we went to Target to get some medicine for the nebulizer. We were doing breathing treatments for Aubrey and Jude at that point because they were both coughing. When we got home, I cooked dinner. I fixed baked mac and cheese, and I thought the kids would both eat it. WRONG! Neither child would eat it. It was especially frustrating with Aubrey because she wouldn't even taste it. I'm all about letting kids have preferences on food just like adults. However, we've been having problems lately with Aubrey being SUPER picky and not even tasting food, and we end up wasting a lot of food. I told her she couldn't get up until she ate two bites of food, and she refused, so she ended up sitting at the table until David got home two hours later. It was incredibly frustrating, and I really had no idea how to handle the situation. Thankfully, Aubrey was totally fine sitting at the table. She didn't seem bothered in the least. Jude and I watched some Dancing with the Stars, and then I put him to bed. David came home and had a talk with Aubrey. Obviously, we couldn't force her to eat, so she chose to go to bed without any more dinner. Whatever. She just has to realize that we're not running a buffet over here. So after the kids were in bed, I was VERY happy to just sit and do nothing for a little while. I had a cold and wasn't feeling great anyway, so I ended up going to bed pretty early.

Tuesday: We were still snotty and under the weather, so Bible Study was a no go, sadly :( We had another low-key day at home. I didn't even get a ton done around the house since I wasn't feeling my best either.

These pictures CRACK ME UP. I mean, can you get any more redneck than having a photo shoot with your kids sitting on a pack of paper towels while one of them wears a bathing suit in November and the other one wears his pajamas? I think no! Awkward family photos anyone?! Aubrey found this bathing suit in her drawer, and she has been wearing it non-stop. I turn my head for two seconds and she's got it on again. Haha! That girl cracks me me!The kids and I did go outside to play late morning, and it was really nice to just be outside getting fresh air. Aubrey and Jude had fun playing, and we were all content to be out of the house. We came back inside around lunch time. I fed the kids, and then I put them down for their naps. I took a shower and then I rested myself. Jude didn't take a great nap. Surprise, surprise. I put some soup in the crockpot for David and the kids to have for dinner, because I had Bunco. That afternoon, David came home and he took Aubrey and Jude outside to play. I got ready for Bunco, and then I went to go vote. I ran to Kroger to get some Fritos for David to go with his soup. I took those back home and stayed outside for a few minutes before I needed to go. When I left, Aubrey was digging in the dirt in her bathing suit, and Jude was having a jolly good time playing in the dirt, too. Haha! I figured their night would be ok :) I picked Rebekkah up, and we rode to Bunco together. We had a really fun time, and I was glad for some adult conversation after being at home all week :) I even won a prize for most games! Wow, that almost never happens for me ;) When I got home, David told me about their night, and we talked for a little while before going to bed.

Wednesday: I had arranged to take the kids over to my parents' house that morning so that I could go to the gym. But Jude woke up early, I wasn't feeling my best, and Aubrey woke up GRUMPY, so I was really thinking we would just stay home. I texted my mom to tell her we weren't going to come, and she encouraged us to come anyway, so we did! Aubrey perked up on the way to their house, and I was glad I went to the gym after the fact even though I didn't feel like it. After my workout, I went and picked the kids up, and we stayed at my parents' house for a few minutes before heading home for lunch. Lunchtime was a bit of a disaster. Aubrey had requested some cheese, but then she decided she didn't like cheese after all (she does). It was so frustrating because I hate wasting food, so she didn't end up eating much for lunch since she wouldn't touch the cheese. David and I need to come up with a game plan for how to handle those situations. Jude rubbed banana in his freshly washed hair while I was talking to Aubrey. Ughh. I got him cleaned up (sponge bath) and then put him down for his nap. I put Aubrey down next, and wouldn't you know it, they both slept GREAT! I had to get ready for tutoring, so I didn't really get to enjoy it, and I had to wake both of them up. But I know the good naps did them a lot of good. They were in better spirits that afternoon :) We went to tutoring, and that went well. After it was over, I talked to David while the kids played in the gym until dinner time. We ate at church, and then I realized that the box with all of my teaching materials was not in my car. Ughhh. Teacher of the year right here! :/ I had to improvise with my kids, but I don't think they minded coloring and talking too much. After class, we got the kids from the nursery, and then we went home. My mom came over to spend the night with us, because David and I were going to Birmingham the next day, and we had to leave really early. We got the kids to bed and told my mom what to do for them the next day, and then we went to bed.

Thursday: We got up EARLY. David wanted to leave the house before 7, so I had to get up before I'm used to. Haha! David had a work meeting in Birmingham that day, and he had asked if I wanted to ride with him and shop during his meeting. It was nice to have the time in the car to just talk, and it was really nice to just get a little break for the day. It came during a good week. We made good time on the way there, and David dropped me off at a mall and went to his meeting. I walked around a TON and went in a lot of stores. I'm not usually the kind of person who likes to do a LOT of stuff totally alone, but I really did enjoy the quiet that day. I even ate lunch by myself! That was a first for me -- I've never eaten at a restaurant completely alone. It wasn't even that bad ;) After I had been to most of the stores I wanted to go to, I went to Barnes and Noble and just sat and read until David finished. He met me at Barnes an Noble, and he was starving since he hadn't had lunch. So we went to The Cheesecake Factory :) I just had soup and salad since it was still really early for dinner. Then we split a piece of cheesecake, and it was SO GOOD! After we ate, we went to Pottery Barn Kids and got a quilt for Jude's big boy bed :) I had already gotten one online, but we decided we want to do bunk beds in his room when the time comes, so we needed another one. The quilt was no longer available online because it had been discontinued, but they had one in the store! Plus, it was MAJORLY marked down! I was so excited about that deal! We then left the mall and stopped at a Jo Ann's fabric store on our way out of town, and I got some fabric for an applique for a dress for Aubrey. After that we hit the road to get home. The trip home seemed to take longer than the trip there, but we made it home around 8:30. Jude was already in bed, but Aubrey was still up, and she was HYPER. Haha! She stayed up for a while longer until my family left, and then David put her to bed. We went to bed fairly early, and I slept like a rock that night! :)

I was really hoping that Jude would sleep a little late for me, but he was up at 6:15 :( I didn't get him out of bed until 7, though. When we got up, he was SO fussy and grumpy. He was just screaming about every little thing. It was pretty frustrating, and I was worried we were in for a long day. Aubrey got up, and he perked up a little. I took a shower and got dressed, and then I bathed the kids. We got ready and went to Mellow Mushroom to meet Sarah Denley and her kids for lunch. It had been forever since we had seen them due to sickness. Jude fell asleep in the car on the way to lunch, so that rejuvenated him enough to make it through lunch :) We had fun catching up, and the kids did fine. Aubrey got a little wild toward the end, and Jude wanted out of his highchair, but it was fine. When we got home from lunch, I put Jude down for a nap, and I put Aubrey in her room. David called to let me know that he was leaving work early (he wasn't busy since it was Veteran's Day), and I just got on the internet for a while until he got home. He had stopped and bought some ground cover to plant around our storm shelter, so he wanted to go outside and work. I took the baby monitor out there, and I went to a consignment store to look for some shoes for Jude, but I didn't find any. When I got home, the kids were up, and they were all outside. David was still working in the yard, so I stayed outside and played with the kids. I took them to swing for a little while, and then we just played on the deck. When David got to a stopping point, we all went inside and got cleaned up for dinner. We went to a hibachi place to eat, and Aubrey LOVED it. It was so cute! Jude, on the other hand, was so fussy and wanted to sit in David's lap the whole meal. When I finished eating, I took Jude outside to walk around until David and Aubrey could finish eating. When we were all done, we went to two shoes stores to get some church shoes for Jude. When we finally found some, I went to pay for them, and their credit card machine was down. Of course I had no cash or check, so they had to hold the shoes for me so that I could go back the next day to get them. We came home after that, and I put Jude to bed. David put Aubrey to bed, and then I watched Sweet Home Alabama (the TV show) before I went to bed.

Saturday: Jude had gotten up in the night, and he was awake from 1:30-2:15. David and I each rocked him, and then David found the teething medicine and gave him some, and he went to sleep after that (thank God!). After all that, Jude ended up sleeping until after 8. SO NICE. David got up then, and I got up at 9. I took a shower and got ready, and then Rebekkah picked me up so that we could go get our hair cut. We both go to my cousin, Devin, so we make our appointments at the same time so we can ride together :) I was glad to get a haircut -- it had been a while! After we finished there, we stopped at a consignment store that has furniture. I was looking for a dresser for Alaina's room, but I didn't see anything. When Rebekkah dropped me off at home, Jude was napping and David was going to put Aubrey down soon. So I ran to Subway to get a veggie sub. Yum! I ate it when I got home, and then David went outside to finish up the yard work he had started the day before. I got on the internet for a little while, and then I went to meet my mom and grandmother at a Flea Market. I had never been to this Flea Market, and it was so fun! They had a lot of junk mixed in with a lot of good stuff. I love places like that! The best part was that I fond a dresser to use in the nursery! AND it's already painted white, so I won't have to do a ton to it. Yay! Since I had the carseats in my car, we loaded the dresser into my mom and grandmother's car, and they said they would deliver it to my house :) I stopped and picked up the shoes for Jude from the night before and a coke icee on my way home. The kids had just gotten up when I got home.
Just playing in the toy cabinet :)

We all played outside until my mom and grandmother got to our house. My mom helped David carry the dresser upstairs, and then we played in the front yard for a while. Our neighbor came over to talk, and my mom and grandmother stayed for a while. When it was getting dark, they left, and we went inside. Jude was pretty fussy again, even though he had taken a good nap :( We got dressed and went to grab dinner. We made it quick since Jude wasn't happy. When we got home, there was something on TV that David wanted to watch, so he watched that and the kids played. I read until the kids' bedtime, and then we got them to bed. David finished watching his program, and I looked at Christmas cards online :) We went to bed pretty late that night.

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