Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week in Review: Coughs, Runny Noses, and Lots of Time at Home

You might want to just skip this post, because we had a BORING week. Both of the kids came down with colds, so staying home was the theme of the week. We didn't even get to have any of our usual lunches with our friends, and we missed them! I kind of went stir crazy, but I really am so thankful that we were just dealing with minor colds. Also, I'm happy that I'm able to take care of my sweet babies when they're under the weather. David and I got their colds, so we weren't feeling our best either. Thankfully, we're all on the mend now, and I'm hoping we can get out of the house a lot more this coming up week!

Sunday: We got ready and went to church that morning. It was good, and we went to Sunday School after church. We had a small crowd in Sunday School, but we had a good class. We came home after church and ate spaghetti for lunch. After lunch was naptime! That evening, we went back to church. We had a prayer service, and then we had fellowship/snack time after church. We stayed for a while, and then we stopped at Wendy's on the way home so that I could get a spicy chicken sandwich ;) We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then I got on the internet and watched some TV before bed. Oh, and I read a little of my book club book. Last minute as usual!

Monday: I had an OB appointment at 8 that morning, so I got up early to get ready. David was going to keep the kids and just go to work a little late so that we wouldn't have to get a babysitter so early! My appointment went well, and it didn't take TOO long. David had an appointment with a plumber at 9, and I wasn't finished in time to get the kids, so he just had to take them with him to the appointment. So, when I finished my appointment, I had to go meet David to get the kids. I was hungry and decided to drive through and get some Krispie Kreme doughnuts. So much for watching my weight! They were SO good, though, and worth every calorie! Ha! I had ended up with a dozen doughnuts because that was the best deal, and I SURE didn't want all those leftover doughnuts sitting around my house all day tempting me, so we dropped by David's office to give him the rest of the doughnuts :) We stayed for a little while, and the kids had so much fun being there. It was cute! We finally headed home for lunch and naps. Jude took a good naps that afternoon, and Aubrey played. I did some housework and read my book club book. When everyone was up, we played outside for a little while until the mosquitoes got unbearable. I was craving a salad for dinner, so the kids and I ran to Newks so that I could grab one. When we got home, we ate and then I bathed the kids. I put Jude to bed, and then David got home. He took Aubrey upstairs for bed, and then I did my Bible Study homework, got on the internet, and read more of my book. We went to bed at a decent hour, and it's a good thing because Aubrey coughed ALL NIGHT LONG.

Tuesday: When we got up that morning, Aubrey was still coughing. I really wanted to go to Bible Study, but I knew I shouldn't put her in the nursery coughing like that, so we stayed home :( I was sad to miss, but we had a low-key day at home. It was a good thing we decided to stay home, because Aubrey coughed all day, and Jude's nose was snotty. We went to the grocery store so that we would have some food to eat -- our cupboards were bare! When we got home, we ate lunch and then it was naptime.
Baby Brother is a MESSY eater!
He got mosquito bite on his ear, and it got SO swollen and red. Poor baby! It's fine now.

Jude didn't nap very well. He kept waking up crying. I know it was because he was so congested. Poor baby. While the kids attempted to nap, I finished my book club book and came up with questions. I was facilitating book club that night, so I had to decide what to talk about. David got home a little early, and he played with the kids while I got ready. I fixed dinner for David and the kids, and then I picked Rebekkah up for book club. We met at Sweet Peppers, and it was so much fun! We had a good book discussion. We had read March, and it was so interesting. I'm a huge Little Women fan, and this book was about the father who we don't really know anything about from reading Little Women. It led to some interesting conversations. After we finished talking about the book, we stayed for a long time talking about everything under the sun. I was just glad to be out of the house :) By the time I got home, it was after 11. David told me about his evening with the kids. I'm afraid I had more fun than he did :/ The kids weren't feeling their best, so they weren't at their most fun. We went to bed, and the kids had a pretty rough night.

Wednesday: We were up bright and early for another fun day at home. I was about ready to get out of the house by this point, but I knew the kids just needed to be at home. We just hung out all morning, and we watched a movie. I did end up calling the pediatrician and asking them them to call in some cough medicine that Aubrey could take. The kids and I got dressed and went to Target to pick up the medicine. When we got home, I fixed some chicken noodle soup for lunch, and then I put the kids down for their naps. I tried to take a nap myself, but Jude woke up crying once again. I went upstairs and rocked him, and he went back to sleep for a little while, but he didn't take what I consider a good nap. I got ready for church that night. David was staying home with the kids, but I had to go since I teach.
David took the kids outside to play while I was at church.

I stopped by Wendy's on my way to church and got another spicy chicken sandwich. Haha. Church was good, and my class went well. Again, I was just glad to be out of the house! When I got home, David had just put Jude to bed, and he and Aubrey were watching Toy Story. Aubrey went to bed after that was over, and then David and I talked for a little while and went to bed early. We were both feeling a little under the weather ourselves at that point. Thank God, the kids both slept well that night. We all needed the sleep!

Thursday: We stayed home the majority of the day once again. We played all morning, and Aubrey watched some TV. I gave both of the children baths, and then we loaded up and drove around for a while. I just NEEDED to get out and see some sunshine :) We drove through a vegetable place and got some lunch. When we got home, we ate and then took naps. Jude took a short nap again. Bummer. I just felt like, by the time I got both kids in bed, he was awake already. I knew it was just because of his cold, though, so I just rolled with it this week.
Since I was stuck at home most of the week, my little pick me up was a fall candle and some sunflowers :)

I did manage to watch an episode of Project Runway. That afternoon, I took a shower and got ready. It took a little longer with Jude awake :) I got Aubrey out of bed and straightened up the house. David got home that afternoon, and my mom and brothers came over. David and I were going to a Bethany Banquet that some friends from church had invited us to that night, so my mom was babysitting. David and I really enjoyed the banquet. It made us realize, once again, what an amazing thing adoption is. A birth mother told her story, and it was just so emotional, and I was close to tears several times. We were so glad to be able to attend. When we got home, the kids were in bed, and we got the run down on how their evening was. They had fun while we were gone, of course ;) My mom and brothers left to go home, and David and I headed to bed a bit early.

Friday: Aubrey was feeling a lot better, so she had a breakfast date with my dad and brothers. She asks every time they go if Jude can go too, which I think is just precious. I love that she wants to include her little brother in her special outing. He was still pretty snotty, and I wasn't sure how he would do, so he stayed home with me.
They took Aubrey to Chick Fil A again (her choice) and she had a blast! While she was gone, Jude and I ran to Wal-Mart. He was in such a sweet, happy mood, and I was so glad that he seemed to have turned a corner. When Aubrey got home, she told me about her morning, and then we hung out at home until lunch time.
Princess Aubrey wrapped up in her "Princess Blanket." AKA a beach towel :) I asked for a smile, and this is what I got! I promise she's a very happy child, and she smiles all the time.... just not when she sees the camera! Ha!

We ate lunch at home, and then I put the kids down for naps. All the short naps must have caught up with Jude because he took an awesome nap that day -- almost 4 hours! Aubrey played happily in her room for longer than usual, too, and I took advantage of the free time and took a nap on the couch myself! I also watched another Project Runway episode and got caught up. When the kids got up, I got ready, and then David was home.
Aubrey loved playing with her stamps from her Aunt Sherri :)

I was itching to get out of the house by this point, so we went to a pizza place for dinner. We had fun being out of the house! After dinner, we went to Home Depot and got a few plants. We then headed home and put the kids to bed. After they were asleep, David and I watched a James Bond movie. It was a really enjoyable Friday night :) We went to bed pretty late.

Saturday: David got up with the kids at 7, and then they woke me up at 8:30. David wanted to go outside to do some yard work. He needed to plant the flowers we got the night before. The kids and I hung out inside for a while, and then we went outside with David. The weather was beautiful. I needed to come inside and get ready for a birthday party, so I left Aubrey outside with David and brought Jude in with me. I then brought Aubrey inside and put her in the tub, because she was going with me to the party. It was an 80th birthday party for my great uncle, and a lot of my family from out of town was going to be there. It was right in the middle of Jude's naptime, and since he had been sick, we decided that he needed his nap, so David stayed home with him. I took Aubrey since she doesn't nap anyway, and I thought my family would like to see her. Unfortunately, she didn't speak a word to anyone the whole time. She was super shy and just clung to my mom the whole time. After the party, I asked her why she didn't talk, and she said she was "too tired to talk." That girl! Ha! Anyway, the party was nice. We ate pizza and played some games. When it was over, Aubrey and I went shopping with my mom and brothers for a while. I needed some maternity jeans! We headed home that afternoon. Jude had taken a good nap, and David had gotten a lot done at home. He was watching the Auburn game when we got home. We got ready and went to a Mexican restaurant that night. David was able to watch the end of the game there, so that worked out well. We sat outside, and it was nice out there, but it got COLD. Literally, we were shivering with chill bumps. Ha! When we got in the car, it said the temp was 70 degrees. Maybe we're wimps, but it felt MUCH cooler than that! We went to Wal-Mart after dinner, and I got some pumpkins. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then I put some fall decorations out. David hung a wreath for me, and then we went to bed.

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