Monday, October 3, 2011

16 Weeks

Whoa, that's a big belly for 16 weeks! :) We've started taking my picture on Sunday because that's my actual "rollover day" and I usually look more presentable on Sundays than Mondays. However, when I've gone through my 3 dresses that fit and start repeating all the time, we might have to switch back to Monday. Ha!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: He or she is about 4.6 inches and 3.5 ounces -- about the size of an avocado!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: There is definitely some weight gain happening ;) I'm planning on going to workout more this week. I've gotten really bad about just letting that slide, but I know it would be good to exercise regularly, not only for my weight, but also for my blood pressure. Must make that a priority!
Maternity Clothes: I think I'm going to be moving to all maternity pants now. My regular pants just aren't comfortable or flattering anymore. I got some new maternity jeans over the weekend, so I'm happy to have some that stay up better! :) The dress I'm wearing in the picture is a maternity dress, too.
Movement: I haven't felt anything this week. I'm so ready to feel movement! I just love those reassuring little kicks. I'm at the point now where I just want to know the baby is ok everyday. I don't really have any symptoms at this point (except the growing belly!) :) and I don't feel movement yet. I'll be so glad to start feeling little kicks. I know it's still early to feel movement, so I'm not worried, but I'm hoping to feel something SOON :)
Gender: We find out in TWO WEEKS from Wednesday!!!! So excited :) I have NO idea if this baby is a boy or girl. Aubrey REALLY wants a sister, so I'm hoping she won't be upset if it's a boy. She loves her little brother so much, so I think she'll get over it quickly. I told her that I don't have any sisters, and brothers aren't so bad ;)
Sleep: Still sleeping just fine!
What I miss: The other night, I was at a restaurant, and I randomly thought that a turkey sandwich sounded REALLY good. It was a fleeting thought, though, and I got over it quickly. I do miss not having to think about what's in food. Like wondering, "Does that have unpasteurized cheese in it?" before I order something. With all the listeria scares lately (cantaloupe and lettuce) I've been more careful about what I eat this pregnancy than I was the other two times.
Cravings: I've craved salad this week! Unfortunately, I don't eat them all the time even when I crave them. Or, instead of just getting a salad, I'll get pizza with a side salad. Ha! I've still been on a soup kick, too.
Symptoms: I had awful heartburn the other night. I literally woke up all through the night and popped Tums. Ugh. It hasn't happened since, so hopefully it was just a fluke. I was also more tired and sleepy last week than I have been lately, but that probably had more to do with taking care of sick kids and having a cold myself than the pregnancy.
Best Moment This Week: Last night, we had a really cute conversation with Aubrey about the baby. She asked a TON of questions. ("Where will the new baby sleep?" "Where will Jude sleep when the new baby is in his room?" "What will the new baby eat?" etc.) She was just so cute and interested in every detail. She said she was going to love the new baby SO MUCH. Such a sweet big sister!
What I Am Looking Forward To: October 19th!! That's our sonogram date, and you better believe there is a countdown going on! :) I'm just ready to know the baby's gender so that we can pick a name and start getting ready. I'm also SO anxious to hear that the baby is healthy. It's always so nerve-wracking to me when they're taking all of those measurements and looking at every little body part, and I have no clue if everything looks normal or not. I know we are not guaranteed a healthy baby, and it's not something I take for granted.

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