Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aubrey Talks (A Lot!)

We're a little under the weather here this week. Nothing serious; just nasty colds. Pretty much just enough to keep us home bound :-/ It's not the end of the world, even though staying home all week is not my first choice. Aubrey has a bad cough, and Jude is super snotty, so needless to say, they haven't been sleeping well. We're praying this passes quickly, and that this doesn't become our fall/winter trend!

Anyway, changing the subject - Aubrey has said some really cute things lately, and you know how I love to record these things, so that's what I'm doing :)

We were in the car the other day, and Aubrey said something about my brothers, who she refers to as "The Uncles." She said, "Mommy, The Uncles lub me SOOO MUCH." I told her that they sure do, and she kind of laughed and replied, "Eberybody lubes me!" Ha!

We were watching Beauty and the Beast the other day, and it was the very end of the movie when the Beast has turned back into a prince and he and Belle are dancing. Aubrey said, "Look at that silly prince, Mommy! He has a ponytail! I've never seen a prince with a ponytail before!" I was thinking to myself, "Except for the other 4 million times you've seen this movie." ;)

Recently, we were checking out at Kroger. A sweet older lady was checking us out, and she gave Aubrey a sticker. Aubrey, of course, loved that. As we were leaving, the lady told Aubrey bye, and Aubrey replied, "Bye bye! I lub you!" The lady got a big kick out of that ;)

Several weeks ago, we were having lunch with Sarah Denley and her kids. Aubrey told me that she needed to go potty, so I left Jude at the table with SD and took Aubrey to the potty. Jude has kind of had some separation anxiety lately, so I was afraid he might get upset while we were gone. I told Aubrey we needed to hurry so that we could get back to Jude so that he wouldn't be sad. She said, "I guess Silly Denny (that's how she says Sarah Denley) should have just brought me to the potty so you could stay with Jude." Then after a little thought, she said, "No, Silly Denny shouldn't bring me because she might see my booty!" Hahaha.

When we're in the car, we are listening to K-Love on the radio 99% of the time. When a man is singing, Aubrey almost always asks me if that's God singing. I tell her that no, that's just a man, but that he is singing about or to God. Recently, Aubrey was in the car with my mom going somewhere, and she asked my mom the same question about whether that was God singing. My mom told her that it wasn't God but that the song was about God, and Aubrey was quiet for a minute. Then she said, "Gramzie, I like God, but I don't like that song."

Aubrey and I were talking about her birthday party recently, and she was naming her little friends who were at the party. She asked me who else was there, and I named some of the adults. She told me, "I was having a hard time remembering the big people. Did you have a hard time remembering the little people, Mommy?" I told her that sometimes we forget things, and that's ok. She then asked, "Will God help me remember those people, Mommy?" I thought that was so sweet!

I really could go on and on, because I get a big kick out of about 90% of what Aubrey says (and because she talks constantly. I'm not even exaggerating.), but I'll spare you :) I love her sweet little innocence right now, and I love seeing how her little mind works. I never want to forget these little "Aubrey sayings."


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh my goodness, she is so cute! I love all these little stories. Evie talks constantly too. I am impressed you were able to remember that many things tht Aubrey says because it's hard to keep up with these little talkers. Hope everyone is on the mend and you can get some sleep!

Amy said...

too cute! the "silly denny" story is my favorite :)

Ashley said...

All I can think of is that I wish she had a special nickname for me :(

Carrie said...

ME TOO, Ash!! Me too :(