Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brother or Sister?

Ever since we told Aubrey that I have a baby in my tummy, she has been adamant about wanting a baby sister. If anyone asks her what she wants the baby to be or what she thinks the baby is, she says GIRL without hesitation. I was kind of getting concerned, because when we asked her if she would still be excited about the baby if it was a boy, she said that she wouldn't be excited about a brother. I know she would get over it quickly, and she wouldn't know any different, but the thought of her being disappointed about the baby's gender still made me a little sad. So, last night, we were talking about the baby's gender with her, and she was saying her usual about how she wanted a baby sister, and the baby is a girl, and so on and so on. I said, "Aubrey, you'll still be excited about the baby if it's another boy, won't you?" She declared that she wouldn't. I said, "But Jude is a baby brother, and you love him so much. Wouldn't it be great to have another brother like Jude?" She thought about that for a second, and it was like a light bulb went off in her head. She got so excited and decided that YES! Another brother would be wonderful! She then said she hoped the baby was a boy. Ha!

I thought the problem was solved until this morning. Aubrey came up and put her hand sweetly on my belly. She told me that she was "petting her baby brother." I reminded her that it still might be a sister. Well, apparently she has decided that she now definitely does not want a sister. She wants another brother "like Jude." Oh boy. So, I'm afraid we still have the same problem, only flip flopped :-/

I know that Aubrey will adapt really quickly and be ok whether the baby is a boy or a girl. I think it will especially help when we name the baby and start really using the baby's name. Plus, this might be a good lesson about how God chooses whether to give us brothers or sisters, and even if it's not what we would have picked, He always knows what's best :) (I did find it super sweet that thinking about how much she loved Jude was what convinced her that another little brother would be ok. She LOVES that little guy! :)

Maybe I should be praying for another boy, though.... Girls are SO DRAMATIC with all of the mind changing and flip flopping! Haha! (I'm totally kidding... I would absolutely love another little girl) :)


Amy said...

she is a hoot! i love it! and if the baby is a boy, she'll quickly learn the advantages to being the only girl. if the baby is a girl, she'll quickly learn the joys of having someone to share clothes/shoes with ;-) either way, it's a win-win for aubrey.

Jennifer said...

That is so funny and SOOO sweet that she changed her mind after thinking about how much she loves Jude. What a sweet blessing!!

Whitney said...

She'll be thrilled with either the day it arrives since she loves Jude so much. Avery usually says she wants a sister, but I think she's just repeating that from her big sister shirt. I'm not sure she really knows the difference!