Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week in Review: Third Birthday Week

There hasn't been a whole lot of blogging going on this week because there has been too much procrastination happening! We had Aubrey's birthday party on Saturday, and I literally put off planning the party until the very last minute (other than sending out invitations in advance). I don't know why I waited until the last minute, but I kind of went into panic mode on Thursday, and the party ended up going really well. Aubrey loved it, and that's good enough for me! :) This week was really busy. I felt like we were on the go all week, but it was fun! Monday was Aubrey's birthday, and it was a sweet, special day.

Sunday: Jude was recovering from his ear infection, and, even though ear infections aren't contagious, we decided to keep him home from church since had had fever the day before. David and Aubrey went to church that morning, and Jude and I hung out at home. It was so different to just be home with one child. It seemed like I was getting a mini vacation, and it was so quiet. Haha! We had a nice morning, and we ate BBQ pork for lunch when David and Aubrey got home. We took naps after lunch, and I got up early to get ready for a meeting at church. I had a Children's Ministry Team meeting at 4:30 to discuss/plan our Fall Festival. The meeting went well, and David and the kids met me at church. Jude had been fever free for 24 hours, and was clearly feeling MUCH better, so we decided that he'd be ok to go to church that night. After church, we met David's parents and two missionaries who had been staying with them for dinner at Jason's Deli. We had a fun dinner, and Aubrey decided that she "LUBED" (loved) one of the guys. He was super sweet to her, and she was totally showing off/flirting all night. It was hilarious, and Aubrey told David on the way home that she thought the guy was "SOOO CUTE!" Aww, her first little crush! ;) When we got home, we put the kids to bed and hung out until we went to bed.

Monday: Happy 3rd Birthday, Aubrey!! We had a fun day celebrating our sweet girl! Aubrey did decide that she doesn't like it when people sing to her. She informed me of this when I walked into her room singing Happy Birthday to her that morning. She never changed her mind about that one either. Whatever! The kids and I got ready and met my family for birthday lunch at Corner Bakery. This was Aubrey's choice because "they have chocolate milk and cookies" ;) We had a fun lunch, and when we finished, the kids and I stopped by Kroger. When we got home, I put them down for their naps. I fixed some chocolate bark and baked a blueberry cake for Bible Study the next day. When David got home, we got ready and met his parents at Cheddar's for Aubrey's birthday dinner. We went to Cheddar's because Aubrey likes the fish tank :) We had another fun birthday meal, and then we went to his parents' house for presents and cookie cake. David's parents gave Aubrey a ladybug tent for her birthday, and she and Jude have had so much fun playing in it! We ate cake, and then we had to get on home for bedtime. I'd say Aubrey had a pretty good 3rd birthday! After the kids were in bed, I made some sausage balls for the next day, and then David and I went to bed.

Tuesday: I go to Bible Study every week, and then once a month it's a different Bible Study called Circle, and we meet at someone's house and have refreshments and a Bible Study. Circle is mostly older women, and they are SO sweet! Rebekkah and I are the youngest ones who go regularly, and we had signed up to "host" (provide refreshments) this month. We had to be there early to drop off the food, and then we took our kids to church where the childcare is. We went back to the house for Circle, and it was good! Our snacks were a hit! Maybe the sweet ladies were just trying to make us feel good, but they raved about our food! It was almost embarrassing - haha! They are so sweet! Rebekkah and I had some food leftover, and we were really full after all that food, so we decided to go to lunch another day. The kids and I came home, and I fed them lunch before their naps. I was so tired, so I laid on the couch for a little while. Aubrey never slept, so I didn't really get much sleep either ;) When I got up, I straightened up the house a little, and then David got home and took the kids outside. I fixed some pasta pesto for them for dinner and got ready for Bunco. Rebekkah brought Carver over, because her David was working late, so my David (it gets confusing!) was going to keep Carver until David got off so that Rebekkah could still play Bunco. Apparently the kids had a BLAST "wrestling" in Aubrey's new tent. Ha! Only a dad would let little kids play this rough ;)
We had lots of fun at Bunco! I even won a prize for most games. When I got home, I told David about Bunco, and he told me about his night with the kids. Then we went to bed.

Wednesday: We were having a dead tree cut down that morning, so David was going to be going to work late. I'm glad to have that tree down! It was completely hollow when the guy cut it down!

There was a consignment sale I was going to, so I was able to leave the kids with David. It worked out perfectly for me! :) Aubrey wanted flowers in her hair, so David put them in there for her. Too sweet!

The sale was good, and I got several cute things for the kids. I ended up meeting David at church to get the kids, and then I brought them home for lunch. After lunch, I gave them baths and put them down for their naps. I worked around the house while they slept. I dusted and got rid of some clutter. Of course Aubrey decided to go to sleep on a day when I would have to wake her up. Go figure. She wasn't a happy camper. I ended up being a little late to tutoring because I waited too long to get the kids up. It was fine, though, and tutoring went well. After I finished tutoring, I left the kids at church with David and went to Books A Million to get my book club book for this month. When I got back to church, it was still a little early for dinner, so we played in the gym until it was time to eat. We had a good dinner, and then the kids went to the nursery, David had a meeting, and I taught the 4 and 5 year olds. After we all finished up, we came home and put our tired kids to bed. We had a low-key evening and went to bed ourselves.

Thursday: When we got up, we started getting ready, and we met Rebekkah and Carver for lunch at an Asian place. It was really good, and I think we were the only ones in there almost the whole time. Granted, we did meet at 11. Another bonus was that they have a promotion going through October, and kids eat free! Whoo :) Think we'll be going back in the next month. After lunch, the kids and I ran by two consignment stores. I was looking for a birthday outfit for Aubrey for her party (ummm, slightly last minute?), but I didn't find one :( By that point, it was past naptime, and time to head home. The kids took good naps, and I got more stuff done around the house. I started to feel slightly overwhelmed over the fact that I had done next to NOTHING for Aubrey's party on Saturday. And then both kids woke up in terrible moods. They were literally both WAILING at the same time, and it was all I could do not to scream. After a while, they both got over whatever was wrong, and we were fine again. David was going to be home kind of late, so he picked up a pizza on his way home so that we could eat quickly and I could run some errands after dinner. I went to several stores looking for an outfit for Aubrey, but no luck. I also went to Wal-Mart and got a movie for Aubrey and several other things. David was just putting Jude to bed when I got home, and then Aubrey went to bed, too. David went out and mowed the grass until it got too dark and late and he had to stop. I got a few things done, and then I just got on the internet until bed.

Friday: When we got up, we got ready and went to run party errands. We went to Hobby Lobby, Party City (BIG mistake -- all the yucky Halloween stuff was out, and Aubrey was so scared of the "scary boys." Poor girl!), and Kroger. When we got home, I fed the kids lunch, and then put them to bed. I then got busy! I baked some cupcakes and made some other party food, and I did some cleaning. My mom and brothers came over that afternoon to help, and I left the kids with them and went to look for an outfit again. I finally found one that had nothing to do with the "theme", but it was so cute and I was desperate, so I got it. Ha! I then made another stop at Kroger before coming home. David was just finishing the yard, and my brothers were starving, so we decided to go grab some dinner. David had had a big lunch and wasn't hungry, so he stayed home to get some more done. My mom, brothers, and I (and the kids, of course) went to Newk's for dinner, and then Jude and I stopped by Target while my mom and brothers and Aubrey made a stop by DQ :) David put both kids to bed when we got home, so that I could work on more cupcakes and decorating. My mom and brothers left when the kids went to bed, and David and I stayed up past midnight getting things ready for the next day.

Saturday: The day started earlier than I would have liked after staying up late the night before, but we had more to get done before Aubrey's party at 11. The morning was crazy busy, but we managed to get everything finished, the kids and ourselves bathed and ready, and we had a really fun party! Aubrey had lots of fun :) I'll do a full birthday party post with pictures soon. The guests left that afternoon, and we put Jude down for his nap. My mom and grandparents ended up staying all afternoon watching football. It was a sad day for Auburn and Ole Miss fans :-/ We had a fun day anyway. Aubrey played with all of her new toys all afternoon and never even had a rest time. She held up surprisingly well though! After everyone left, we went to dinner at McAlisters and then stopped at Kroger. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and we went to bed fairly early, too.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Aubrey looks so proud to be 3. I love it! Cute outfit. What snacks did you make for Circle? My grandmother used to go to Circle and you are right it is the older ladies. Those older ladies love us "young moms" and it's so sweet to enjoy time with them.

Carrie said...

That's fun that your grandmother went to Circle! I love it! We made chocolate bark, sausage balls, blueberry bundt cake, thumbprint cookies, cheese crackers, and fruit and fruit sauce. It was good :)