Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 Weeks

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do these weekly pregnancy posts. I didn't do weekly posts with either of my previous pregnancies, and I now wish I had. I always love reading about other people's pregnancies (I'm totally fascinated by pregnancy, and I don't think that will ever change), so I figured I would enjoy going back and reading my own pregnancy posts down the road, too! My rollover day is Sunday, but I'm going to try to do these posts on Mondays. That might not happen every week, though. So, basically what I'm saying is that these posts will be published sometime during the week in which they apply. Not on the exact day. Ha! I have no clue why I felt the need to go into that long winded explanation, but there ya go ;)First of all, I never like my belly shots. For some reason, I think I look strange in them, and I never know what to do with my hands. Second, I feel like I look BIG in this picture. I do think my stomach has kind of "popped" in the last week or so, but I don't think I look obviously pregnant in person. Maybe I do, and I'm just ignorant, though. Ha!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 13 weeks - yay second trimester!
Size of baby: He or she is about 2.9 inches -- about the size of a peach!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I really have no idea. And call me a kill joy, but if this pregnancy is anything like my last two, I don't think I'll be sharing my weight gain. Ha! You'll probably get a good idea just by looking at pictures of me weekly ;-/
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing my regular clothes. A few pairs of my jeans have gotten a little hard to button, so I've "retired" them until after the baby is born. But I have several pair that still fit fine, so I'm sticking to those. I'll probably have to break out the maternity clothes sooner rather than later though.
Movement: The other night, I felt what I SWEAR was baby movement. I really think it's too early for that, though, so it was probably just my imagination. It did make me excited to feel movement hopefully soon! That's one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. Aubrey wasn't a huge mover in utero, and I had an anterior placenta with Jude, so I didn't feel as much movement as I probably would have otherwise. So I'm hoping to feel LOTS of movement this time :)
Gender: Obviously, we don't know yet, but we definitely plan to find out! I really have no gut feeling. My gut feelings have been wrong both times before, so I don't see much point in listening to my gut anyway. Haha. If I had to make a guess about this baby's gender, I would go with girl. David and I have no preference. We will be so thrilled either way.
Sleep: I sleep great! I can't get enough of it, actually ;)
What I miss: I really don't miss much that I can think of. I guess I do kind of miss eating deli meat. I don't eat a ton of it anyway, but it's nice to be able to order it when I go to a deli. That's really not a big deal, though, and it's not something I think about often.
Cravings: Well, I didn't think I had really had any cravings with this pregnancy. But then I counted the number of times I've eaten pizza in the past week and a half, and yeah... I think it's safe to say I've been craving pizza! I really haven't felt that STRONG "I have to have this certain food right now or I might die" feeling this time, though.
Symptoms: I've still been pretty tired. I think I'm starting to feel less tired, though. I've been trying to limit the number of naps I take. I don't want to be in the habit of taking a nap every day, because I think that would be a hard habit to break even when I have my normal energy back. I do take naps when I feel like I need them, though. I'm also hungrier than I am when I'm not pregnant. Other than that, I really don't have any other symptoms.
Best Moment This Week: Hitting the second trimester! It's always a relief to get to this point. Also, it's been so nice to be able to talk openly about the pregnancy now that the news is out. It's hard to constantly be trying to avoid letting the news "slip" before we announce it. It's a difficult secret to keep for 8 weeks!
What I Am Looking Forward To: I can't wait to find out the baby's gender and start feeling movement! However, I'm really focusing on not "rushing" this pregnancy. I want to enjoy it and also cherish the time I have with just Aubrey and Jude. So, I'm just enjoying where we are right now :)


Whitney said...

You look great! I feel huge, and maternity pants are already fitting. So excited to follow along as we're so close together. My ultrasound actually put my due date at March 18th, but the doctor is sticking with the 21st. Hope you continue to feel well!

Genevieve said...

Aww you look so great!! I am excited you are going to do weekly updates, I love reading them! :)