Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in Review: Home Bodies

This post is late because I have book club this week, so I've been reading, reading, reading the past few nights. I haven't even been on the internet in two or three days. Anyway, our week was pretty boring. We didn't really do much, and we spent a lot of time at home. At first it was nice since the week before had been pretty crazy with all of Jude's party prep, but then I started to go a little stir crazy toward the end. Also, because we were just at home most of the week, I took next to NO pictures. Sad!

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. We were all a little tired after our big day the day before :) We came home and ate leftovers from Jude's party for lunch. Love easy Sunday lunches! We took naps after lunch, but Jude never napped very well. I think he only slept in a few 20 minute increments. Don't know what that was about. We went back to church that night, and when we picked Jude up from the nursery, the sweet girls who kept him told me that he hadn't been himself. They said he just wanted to be held the whole time, which is pretty unusual for him. Usually he LOVES playing in the nursery. I was kind of worried about him after that. We went to dinner at a Mexican place after church, and then we came home and put the babies to bed. Jude slept good and has been normal since then, so I think the big weekend had just worn him out.

Monday: We had a pretty boring day. We stayed home the majority of the day, and the house was still clean from the birthday party, so I didn't feel the need to be extremely productive. Ha! We ate leftovers for lunch, and then it was naptime. Jude was kind of fussy off and on all day, and I think it was because he was getting another tooth. Aubrey begged for leftover cupcakes all day ;) So, I was glad when naptime rolled around. I took a shower and got dressed while they slept. I ended up having to wake both of them up from their naps, because they had been sleeping for a LONG time and it was getting late, and I wanted then to still be tired that night! We loaded up and went to Target and Kroger after they were awake. When we got home, I fixed dinner and the three of us ate. I gave the children baths after dinner, then we just hung out at home playing and watching some TV until David got home from karate. I put Jude to bed and went to get Rebekkah so that we could go to the gym. After our workout, I came back home and talked to David for a little while before going to bed.

Tuesday: We had Bible Study that morning, and we were all up bright and early. Jude was up REALLY early, and I knew he wouldn't get his morning nap since we'd be at church, so I went and gave him some milk, and he thankfully went back to sleep until I had to wake him up to feed him breakfast and get him dressed. We had a nice time at church, and then we went to lunch with Rebekkah and Carver after Bible Study. We ate at Mellow Mushroom, and it was fun! The kids got a little restless and LOUD toward the end, but there were other loud kids in there, too, so we didn't feel AS bad :) We did hustle them out of there as quickly as we could though! I put the kids down for their naps when we got home, and then I watched some TV that afternoon. David had a meeting at church that night, so he came home early so that he could see the kids. They played for a while, and I got a little break. When David left to go to church, the kids and I went to Babies R Us to get a bigger sleep sack for Jude, and then we ate dinner at CFA. We had a fun dinner together, and we headed home after it was over. I put both kids to bed, and then I got on the internet until David got home. We talked for a little while and went to bed early.

Wednesday: This was kind of a frustrating day for some reason. The kids were up early, and Aubrey was in a good mood, but she just wouldn't mind very well for some reason. I felt like I spent the great majority of my morning dealing with disobedience. Not fun. We had tutoring that afternoon, so I knew we didn't have time to run any errands or really get out of the house, so we just hung out at home. Jude took a good morning nap, and I got ready while he slept. I fed Jude lunch when he woke up, and that was another source of frustration. I feel like we are kind of in between baby food and all table food. Jude doesn't really like baby food anymore, but sometimes that's the quickest and easiest thing to feed him. He doesn't like me to feed him table food -- he wants to do it himself. But then I worry that he isn't getting enough to eat since he ends up dropping a lot of it. So, meal times are a HUGE mess these days. I gave Jude a bath after he ate and dressed him. I got Aubrey ready, and then we left to go to tutoring. We were running a little early (shocker!), so we stopped at Sonic to get a drink. Tutoring went well, but the kids were exhausted when I picked them up, as usual. On the way home, Aubrey kept saying that she was SO SLEEPY. I managed to talk to her and keep her awake, so I was sure that she would get a short nap when we got home. Um, no. Apparently getting in her bed woke her up. She just talked and played until 4:30, at which point I went and got her because I didn't want to risk her falling asleep that late. Jude took a good, long nap. David and Aubrey ended up going and waking him up at 5:30. I went to Kroger when David got home and got stuff to fix for dinner. We grilled turkey burgers for dinner. David and the kids had fun outside waiting for the burgers to cook.

After we ate, I went to Wal-Mart to get a ham for a family I was cooking for the next day. I also made a return while I was there. When I got home, David had bathed both kids, and I put Jude to bed while he put Aubrey to bed. Then Rebekah picked me up, and we went to the gym. When we got home, I read a little of my book club book, and then went to bed.

Thursday: We had another very low-key day. The kids were up pretty early, and we just spent the morning at home. Jude took a good morning nap, and I was able to straighten up a little and take a shower. We ate lunch at home, and then it was time for both kids to nap. Aubrey took a good nap, but Jude would never really go to sleep. He was quiet for a while, but then he would talk and fuss. I went up to his room several times, and he would get quiet again, but I don't think he ever went to sleep. He did stay in his room for a long time, though. While they were both "napping", I put a ham in the oven and got ready and watched a little TV. The kids both got up, and David got home. He carved the ham for me while I made a few sides. Then Rebekkah came and picked me up because we were taking dinner to a sweet family from church who just had their 10th child. We had a nice visit on the way to drop off the food and back. When I got home, we didn't really have anything for dinner (how sad is that -- I cook for another family but not my own. Ha!), so we went to McAlister's for dinner. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and Rebekkah and I went to the gym. We had a good workout, and I went to bed not too long after getting home.

Friday: We got up and started getting ready that morning because we were going over to Sarah Denley's house for lunch. Jude ended up taking a while to go to sleep for his nap, and I hated to wake him since he didn't take an afternoon nap the day before, so we were running a little late. We left as soon as he woke up and stopped at Newk's to pick up lunch on the way. We had fun at SD's house, and the girls enjoyed playing! We stayed for a good while, and then we came home for naps. Aubrey went to sleep, but, once again, Jude never really did. I don't know if he's transitioning to one nap a day already? That would be fine with me, but he's going to need to drop the morning nap, NOT the afternoon one! ;) When David got home, we went to a Thai restaurant and ate an early dinner. When we finished eating, it was still early, and the weather had really cooled down because we had gotten some rain. So, we decided to stop at a park on our way home. We told Aubrey we were going to the park, and she got SO excited! She was literally bouncing in her carseat, and she kept saying things like, "I'm SO EXCITED!" "I love the park!" "This is going to be SO fun!" It was super cute! I guess I need to take that girl to the park more often ;) We did have a lot of fun! Aubrey loved swinging and sliding. Jude liked the swing too. He was so exhausted from skipping his nap by this point that he almost fell asleep in the swing! These are all cell phone pictures, so that's why they are a little blurry.

We stayed until bedtime, and then we came home to get poor Jude in bed. After both kids were asleep, David and I watched some TV together, and then I read my book club book until I couldn't stay awake any longer!

Saturday: We had a lazy Saturday morning together. Jude mixed things up and didn't really take his morning nap that day. We all ended up playing in the kids rooms for a while. Then I got ready and met my mom and grandmother for lunch and some shopping. We went to an outdoor mall that I love but that we don't go to that often, and of course it was POURING rain the whole time. We got pretty wet :) We then went to an antique mall, and I got a mirror for Aubrey's room that I LOVE. Her room is really coming together, and I can't wait to show pictures! When I got home, both kids were awake, and David was folding some laundry. How sweet is he?! We grabbed a quick dinner that evening before going to Kroger. Meet Aubrey's "Friend Egg." He lives at Kroger, and Aubrey is in love with him. David sometimes lets her hang out with her Friend Egg the whole time I'm grocery shopping, and Aubrey is in heaven.

When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then I didn't turn on the TV or get on the internet, because I HAD to get some major reading done! I read for a long time, and then David and I went to bed.

I'm happy to report that I'm now almost finished with my book! We have some fun stuff planned for this week, so I think it will be a little less boring than last week :)

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