Monday, July 18, 2011

Week in Review: Jude turns one!

We had a good week, but it was busy getting ready for Jude's birthday party on Saturday. His party went so well though, so it was worth all the running around and preparation that went into it :) I'll do a full party recap (or two!) this week!

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School that morning. Aubrey apparently had a meltdown in the nursery during church because she didn't want her teacher to take her to the bathroom. They told us that Aubrey went under the table and screamed and kicked and caused a huge scene. I was pretty mortified that she acted that way, and we made her apologize after church. After Sunday School was over, we went over to my grandparents' house for lunch to celebrate my grandfather's birthday that was that day. We had a great lunch, and we had fun visiting with my grandparents and my family. When we got home, it was kind of late, but we had time for shorts naps. We went back to church that evening. When church was over, it was POURING down rain. The rain was much needed, so we were happy to see it. We waited around for a while to see if it would slack up, and it finally slowed down enough for David to go get the car for us :) We went to Jason's Deli for dinner after church, and we put the kids to bed when we got home.

Jude was due to get his shots, and I really HATE taking him. David had to go switch out Aubrey's box springs for her new bed anyway, and the mattress store didn't open until 10. So, he was able to take Jude to get his shots (thank goodness!) and then go pick up the mattress all in one trip. It worked out well. While Jude was gone, Aubrey and I just hung out at home. It was strange being here with just one child, but I enjoyed my one on one time with her :) We did miss Jude, though, and were happy to see him when he got home! Jude was SO tired, so I put him to bed while David unloaded the box springs. David then had to get to work, so Aubrey and I just hung out some more while Jude slept. We ate lunch, and I got ready. That afternoon, both kids napped, and I put some dinner in the crockpot and straightened up the house. When the kids were up, we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target. Jude was fussy from his shots :( We ate dinner when we got home, and then we just waited for David to get home from karate. Rebekkah and I went to the gym that night after the kids were in bed, and it was good to workout. I got home late and went to bed not too long after that.

I got up early to get ready for Bible Study. For the first time in a LONG time, BOTH kids slept late. They didn't wake up until after 8:30. That didn't leave a lot of time to get them fed and dressed, but we did make it out of the house on time. Bible Study was good. After it was over, Rebekkah and I went to lunch at Beagle Bagel. We had both been out of town several time over the past month, and so it felt like it had been forever since we had hung out. We had fun catching up :) We left when the kids got tired and ready for naps. My mom came over shortly after we got home, and I put Jude to bed. My mom had offered to stay with the kids that afternoon so that I could run some errands for Jude's birthday party. I told Aubrey that she could skip her nap if she rested on the couch with Gramzie. They watched a movie together :) I was able to get a lot done while I was out, and it was SO much faster without the kids. It was miserably hot, though. When I got home, Jude was up, and we just played and hung out until David got home. We had Bunco that night, so my mom just stayed so that we could ride together. We all went outside and sat on the deck for a while.Aubrey took a little dip in the pool while we were out there and got all wet. So she went inside to get more clothes, and she came out in this little ensemble.

I fixed dinner for David and the kids and got ready, and then Rebekkah came and picked my mom and me up. We had lots of fun at Bunco! I was tied with several other people for most games, but I lost in the roll off :( I got to bring home the "Bunco Box" since I'm hosting next month.When I got home, I talked to David for a while before going to bed.

Wednesday: The kids slept fairly late again, and it was so nice! We had a very lazy morning at home when everybody got up. Bed head :)
Aubrey asked me to "polish her toes." :)Jude took a good nap, and I got ready while he slept. I bathed Aubrey and got her dressed. We ate lunch, and then it was time to go to church for tutoring. The kids stayed in the nursery while I tutored. They were pretty tired when I picked them up. Aubrey fell asleep in the car on the way home. I put her to bed when we got home, but I didn't really expect her to go back to sleep. Jude went down for a nap, and he went to sleep easily. Aubrey talked for a long time, and then she did end up going to sleep really late. The kids were both sleeping when David got home. David went out to mow the grass, and Jude woke up. I made a grocery list, and then David woke Aubrey up when he got in. We went to dinner at Mazzios, and then we went to Kroger. I fixed a pie and tried to watch TV after the kids were in bed, but it started storming outside, and our TV and internet went out. It was probably for the best, because I cleaned up the house instead. We ended up going to bed fairly early.

Thursday: Aubrey was up early after her late nap the day before. The kids played after breakfast while I did some more cleaning around the house. I bathed Jude and put him down for his nap. I took a shower and got dressed while he slept. I then fixed some lunch for Aubrey. I fed Jude his lunch when he woke up. Aubrey and Jude went down for naps that afternoon, but Aubrey never went to sleep. She just played in her room for a long time. I got lots done around the house, and then David was home. We got the kids up and got them dressed and then I started dinner. We had the Herrington's over for dinner, and it was so fun! The kids had fun playing, and the adults enjoyed a deep, theological discussion. It really was a very fun evening! :) After they left, we put the kids to bed, and straightened up some. Then I got on the computer for a while before going to bed.

Friday: We got up and had breakfast and I tried to get stuff done around the house for Jude's birthday party the next day. When Jude went down for his nap, I got myself and Aubrey ready. I had a few errands I needed to run for the part when Jude woke up. I fixed lunch, and Aubrey and I ate. Jude ended up sleeping longer than I expected, and by the time he woke up and ate lunch, it was 1:00 before we left home. I was stressed because I wanted to get home in time for Aubrey to get a nap. We stopped by Sarah Denley's house to pick up a dress we were borrowing, and then we went to a school supply store to get letters for Jude's birthday banner. We stopped by Kroger on the way home, and then it was time to attempt naps. They didn't go so well. Neither of the kids would go to sleep. While they were in their beds, I baked some cupcakes that didn't turn out right, so by the time David got home, I was stressed out and frustrated. Jude did finally end up going to sleep, thankfully. We got ready to go eat dinner with my family. We go out with family and my grandparents and my aunt and cousin and her husband every year to the same restaurant to celebrate all of the July birthdays. There are 6 of them in that group! We had a fun dinner! We go to a hibachi place, and Aubrey was fascinated! It was cute to watch :) After dinner, we went to Wal-Mart to get everything we still needed for the party the next day. By the time we got home, it was bedtime for the kiddos. David and I got them to bed, and I baked some more cupcakes that, thankfully, turned out ok. David helped me with Jude's birthday banner and cupcake toppers, and then we went to bed.Saturday: We spent the entire day getting ready for Jude's party that evening. It was a small, low-key party, but it seems like there is just always a ton to get done.
We did take some time to get some pictures of the birthday boy!!

Jude took a good morning nap, and I was able to get a lot done. David helped me a ton, which was so nice. We finished the birthday banner and hung it. I thought it turned out so cute.Then I cooked some potato salad and made a watermelon salad. David cleaned up the kitchen for me about 10 times that day. Haha! I did some cleaning around the house, and we fed the kids lunch and bathed them. Aubrey and Jude took good naps that afternoon, and I iced the cupcakes and got everything set up. I finally got in the shower about an hour before everyone was supposed to arrive. I got ready really quickly, and we got the kids ready. Everyone came at 5, and we had such a fun party! We were just so happy to be celebrating our sweet boy's first year. I'm going to do a full party recap soon -- we have LOTS of pictures! The party lasted for a while, and when everyone left, we put the kids to bed. David and I were pretty worn out after such a busy day, so we put the leftover food and cupcakes away and went to bed pretty early.


Nathalie said...

LOVE the birthday banner!! The cupcakes look great too! Looking forward to the full party recap.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Birthday banner was so adorable! Love the first picture of you and Jude.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe he's one already! What a fun looking party for a fun little boy :)

Ashley said...

You are such a great wife, mommy, entertainer, etc.! I am so impressed with the banner and homemade cupcakes! I wish we could've been at Jude's party....Evy would have loved it. :( I need to see yall again SOON.

I am so impressed by everything you do!