Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jude's First Birthday: Part 2

Jude's birthday party started off with dinner. Everyone just sat where ever they wanted, and we enjoyed just chatting. Jude has quite the fan club as you can tell from these pictures :)

At 5:23 PM, we did have to take a moment to get some pictures of Jude on his birth minute. I held him up to my stomach just to be funny, and I think he was a little weirded out. Ha!You can see his adorable outfit pretty well in this picture. I bought the outfit and then had it appliqued and monogrammed. I thought it turned out super cute and was perfect for the barnyard animal theme.

After dinner, we watched a slideshow that David had made in honor of Jude's first year.
Dark, grainy picture. I'm DEFINITELY still figuring out these camera settings :-/

Then, Jude (or, I should probably say, Aubrey) opened all of his gifts. Jude loves balls! He's all boy!
This gift from David's parents was a hit with Jude AND Aubrey. They spent a good part of the rest of the evening fighting over it. I can't believe that's started already!
Gramzie and Aubrey posed for a picture while they were patiently waiting on cupcake time! :) Look at Aubrey's adorable barnyard dress courtesy of Miss Ann Peyton Herrington. Loved it! After presents, it was finally time for cupcakes! We were all excited to see if Jude would like his cupcake. Aubrey wasn't a huge fan of cake or sugar on her first birthday, but she quickly got over that in the weeks that followed, and I can now say that she has a HUGE sweet tooth :) Jude liked it when we all sang to him. Then it was time to dig in! He wasn't so sure at first......but then he warmed up and dug right in!
Aubrey was a fan, too.
After we got everyone cleaned up, we went outside and sat on the deck and just visited while the kids played. Jude likes his new outdoor table and chairs from my family and my grandparents :)
Even Knightly got some love. Ha!

Sitting outside watching everyone have fun and enjoy the evening was the perfect end to Jude's first birthday. It was such a sweet, fun day, and we're thankful that our families were there to celebrate with us!

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