Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This conversation that I had with Aubrey this morning perfectly sums up the stage that she is in. What stage is that? The "WHY?" stage!!!

Aubrey: "Mommy, why did those mean girls break Cinderella's necklace and her dress?"

Me: "Because they didn't want her to go to the ball."

Aubrey: "Why didn't they want Cinderella to go to the ball?"

Me: "Because they didn't want her to dance with the prince. They wanted to dance with the prince themselves."

Aubrey: "Why didn't they want Cinderella to dance with the prince?"

Me: "Because they wanted to dance with him. They were being selfish."

Aubrey: "Why were those mean girls being selfish?"

Me: "Well, because they were mean."

Aubrey: "Why were they mean?"

Me: "I don't really know, Aubrey." (Looking back, I'm thinking this probably would have been a good opportunity to have a deep theological discussion with her. Maybe next time! ;)

Aubrey: "Why don't you know?"

Me: "I just don't know."

Aubrey: "Why you just don't know?"

At that point, I changed the subject and tried to distract her. Thankfully it worked this time! She is not always so easily distracted :) This line of questioning could have literally gone on all day if I had let it. It's cute sometimes.... and sometimes it's tiring! Haha!

On a similar note, Aubrey is completely into all things related to Disney Princesses these days. My mom just gave her the Cinderella DVD, so that is her favorite at the moment. She also LOVES Aladdin. All week, Aubrey has insisted that David is Aladdin, she is Jasmine, and Jude is Abu (the monkey). I'm Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) apparently. What is hilarious is that she calls us these names pretty consistently. I was folding laundry this morning, and Aubrey held up a piece of clothing and said, "Aurora, is this Aladdin's underwear?" Ha! And she will ask me every afternoon if "Aladdin" is almost home from work. The FUNNIEST, though, is when David and I catch ourselves referring to Jude as Abu even when Aubrey isn't in the room. I mean, he does kind of sound like a little monkey when he talks ;) Ha!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard!!!! I love this but would not think it was so funny if it was happening at my house. However, I have learned in time that it will probably happen at my house.

Amy said...

hilarious! aubrey sounds like quite the character. and i'm sorry, but i think it is hysterical that out of all the characters, she deems jude as abu - hahaha! :)

Whitney said...

So funny, but probably not always so in your house. We are stuck on "What's that?" That's not so bad when you can provide an answer, but when we're zooming by a million things in the car it's tough...and never-ending. I would love to know if your mom found Cinderella out know. Avery wouldn't be into it yet, but I'm itching to get it!

Rebecca said...

This is so funny! It's cute that she calls her parents by Disney characters!

Ashley said...

YOU KNOW how much this makes me happy that she's a DISNEY FAN! I seriously was laughing out loud... "Aurora, is this Aladdin's underwear?"