Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week in Review: Late Nights and Early Mornings

This was a good week. It wasn't too busy, but we did enough to keep from getting bored. The weekend was fairly busy because I had a wedding to help with at church. All in all, it was a good, normal week :)

Sunday: We got up and got ready for church. We made it early, which was pretty much a miracle! After church was Sunday School, and then we came home for lunch. I had cooked a ham and I fixed mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it when we got home. After we ate, we put the kids down for naps, and I took a LONG nap. We had gone to bed pretty late the night before, and Jude was up a couple of time, so I was even more ready for my Sunday afternoon nap than usual. Haha! We got ready for church when I got up, and Aubrey was wearing panties. She has been wearing panties almost everywhere lately, and she's really done great. Only one or two accidents. Well, we were running late for church anyway, and then we got about 5 minutes from our house, and she tee tee'd in the car. Ughh. So we stopped at a gas station and changed her into a dress that needed to be ironed, and she was wearing a pink bow and the dress was red. After all that, we were running SUPER late for church. We ended up being about 20 minutes late and got there right before the sermon started. Embarrassing!! After church, we went out to dinner with David's parents. We talked and caught up and then came home in time for me to feed Jude and put him to bed. I then went and picked Rebekkah up because our book club group was seeing the late showing of Water for Elephants. We are reading the book for book club this month, and we wanted to see the movie together too so that we can discuss both when we meet for book club. The movie was ok, but the book is WAY WAY better, in my opinion. Rebekkah and I almost hit a deer on the way home from the movie theater. It was scary, and I definitely screamed. By the time I got home, it was after 1AM, and I was thinking that going to such a late movie was probably not the wisest decision I had ever made... Haha!

Monday: I was right about the movie not being the smartest choice. As soon as I started to doze off, Jude woke up. David tried to get him back to sleep for a while, but he just would not go to sleep. I went to feed him, but for some reason, I didn't really have any milk for him. I then got really stressed and ended up having to thaw some frozen pumped milk out and give him a bottle in the middle of the night. Ughh. By the time I fed him and got him back to bed, it was after 3AM. I was finally able to go to sleep, only to be awakened at 7AM for the day. Lovely. So, needless to say, I had an extremely unproductive day! I was just so tired all day. Good thing the movie was fun! :) Jude did take two REALLY good naps that day. Guess the rough night wore him out too. I think part of the problem was that he was overtired because he didn't nap well the day before. Sundays are always bad nap days for my babies.
Aubrey and Jude's naps didn't overlap a lot, though, so I didn't get a nap even though I really could have used one! The only productive things I got done that day were one load of laundry, taking a shower, and cooking dinner. Other than that, I sat around reading to Aubrey and watching Jude. Oh well -- I guess some days are just like that. I cooked tacos for us to eat for dinner, and then we watched Dancing with the Stars. When David got home from karate, we put the kids to bed, and Rebekkah and I went to the gym. It was good to be back! I talk to David for a little while when I got home and then went to bed.

Tuesday: We were up early, but that was fine since we were going to Bible Study. I got us ready and out the door on time. We were doing great on time, and I got the kids dropped off in the nursery and then went and sat down for Bible Study a little early. That's when I realized that I couldn't find my phone. Or my keys. So I retraced my steps and finally found them locked in my car. Whoo! :-/ I borrowed Rebekkah's phone and called David. He was super sweet about it, and ended up going home (about 30 minutes from his office) to get my spare key and then driving to church to unlock my car all while I sat in Bible Study. What a sweet husband I have! He was just getting to church when we got out of Bible Study, so the timing was great for us. And of course Aubrey was happy to see him for a few minutes :) After all that drama, we went to lunch with Rebekkah and Carver. Then we came home and I prayed for good naps! I was still dragging from my 4 hours of sleep Sunday night. Aubrey went down for her nap easily, but Jude talked and played for a LONG time. I dozed while he was trying to get to sleep, and I finally went up to his room and got him to sleep. I felt more refreshed after dozing for a while, so I just stayed up. He only slept for about an hour, but it was nice to have that time with both kids asleep. I straightened up the house and worked on putting our china in the china cabinet that I painted a while back. When Aubrey and Jude both were awake, we went to run some errands. David had a meeting at church, so he wasn't going to be home that night. The kids and I went to Babies R Us, Hobby Lobby, and then dinner at Corner Bakery. They were both really good while we were out. We watched some of Dancing with the Stars when we got home, and then I put Jude to bed. I let Aubrey stay up a little longer, and then I put her to bed. When they were both asleep, I started cleaning the house. I put a lot of junk away that was sitting out and folded some laundry. David got home as I was folding clothes and we talked about our days. Then he had to send an email for work, and I cleaned up some more. Jude woke up around this time, and he was inconsolable for a while. I had no idea what was wrong, but I ended up giving him gas drops and Tylenol, and that seemed to help. He finally went back to sleep, but I was worried we were in for a bad night, so I went to bed.

Wednesday: Jude actually had a decent night! He didn't wake up again until after 5, and then he slept until after 7. Aubrey was up at 7, and she ate breakfast and watched Aladdin. I fed Jude breakfast, and then straightened up some more (my friend was coming over for lunch). I put Jude down for a nap, and then I took a shower and bathed Aubrey. When Jude woke up, I dressed him, and then my friend Gray came over with lunch. We had so much fun talking and catching up! I had been telling Aubrey all morning that "Miss Gray" was coming, but I realized that Aubrey thought I was saying "Graves" (as in, Sarah Denley's baby). I tried to explain to Aubrey that Miss Gray was a girl, not a baby. However, when Gray first got here, I think Aubrey was genuinely shocked that it wasn't Baby Graves at the door, and she was really shy at first. She did warm up after a minute and ended up talking Gray's ear off ;) She wouldn't pose for a picture with her, though, so we got Jude to :)After Gray left, both of the kids took naps, and I got on the internet for a while. When David got home, we talked about our days and then got the kids ready for church. We ate dinner at church, and then David and I set up some mics for a wedding on Saturday. Rebekkah and I were planning on doing the sound for the wedding, so David had to give me a little lesson on how it worked with all the different mics. We got the kids and came home after that. It was bedtime when we got home, and we each put a child to bed. Then David watched TV and I read some blogs and then we went to bed.

Thursday: The kids and I got up and hung out at home all morning. We ate breakfast and then just played and did some housework. When Jude went down for a nap, Aubrey and I put on our bathing suits and went outside to play in the little pool. She played and I sat in a chair by the pool reading and trying to get a little sun. We stayed out about an hour and then came in and took a shower and ate lunch. Jude ended up taking a GREAT nap -- about 3 hours! Right as he woke up, it was time for Aubrey to take a nap. So, while Aubrey slept, I fed Jude lunch and put makeup on and got dressed while he played in the floor. Then I cleaned up all the toys in the living room and made up my bed. I got on the internet and looked at some recipes trying to decide what I wanted to cook for dinner that night. I had a lot of ham left over from Sunday, and I needed to use it up. I decided on a ham and swiss quiche, so I made a grocery list and then tried to get Jude to take an afternoon nap. He never really went to sleep, but he stayed in his bed for a while and was pretty quiet. Aubrey woke up, and I got her dressed, and then I got Jude up and we went to the grocery store. I got everything I needed for dinner that night, and then we came back home. I got the kids and the groceries unloaded and then started cooking dinner. The kids both got fussy while I was trying to cook, and David wasn't home yet, so it got a little stressful for a minute. I got the food in the oven, though, and David got home, so then it was fine. He took the kids to play while I finished dinner.Then we ate together. We had a nice dinner talking about our days and visiting. After dinner, I watched some of the American Idol results show. A little later, we got the kids to bed and then hung out/cleaned up some more. David hung a mirror and some frames on the wall for me. We tried to get to bed at a decent hour that night.

Friday: We were up early, and I gave the kids breakfast and gave Jude a bath. Then I tried to put him down for a nap, and he took a while to fall asleep, but he did eventually go to sleep. Once he was in bed, I got myself and Aubrey ready to go to lunch with Sarah Denley and her kids.
Aubrey is watching Beauty and the Beast, which is why she looks so serious in this picture. She is just FOCUSED!

I ended up having to wake Jude up to go, but he was in a pretty good mood, so it was fine. We met at Mellow Mushroom, and it was fun, but the children all got a little restless and fussy while we were there. At one point, a couple of the kids were crying, our table and the area around it was a WRECK, we were waiting on our check, and all I could do was laugh. I was thinking that the people around us were probably wishing that we would just STAY HOME, but I just don't think that's going to happen. One day, SD and I might have 10 kids between us (probably NOT, but you never know :), and I'm pretty sure we'll still be going out to lunch. Ha! :) Anyway, when we got home, the kids both took a nap, and I spent some time on Etsy getting ideas for Jude's first birthday party in a couple of months. Crazy that I'm already thinking about that!! Anyway, I think I decided on a theme for the party :) Then David got home, and I got changed for a wedding rehearsal that night.
Jude woke up from his nap before I left, and he looked so cute standing in his bed. David and I decided that his mattress needed to be dropped ASAP, though! That has now been done, so no worries about him falling out :)
As I've mentioned, Rebekkah and I are the wedding coordinators for our church, but this couple had a professional wedding planner, so there wasn't really anything for us to do. We still had to be there though, so that's why we were able to do the sound. Everything went fine, but it was a little long. By the time I got home, it was about 8:30. I fed Jude and put him to bed, and David put Aubrey to bed. David and I talked for a while after that before going to bed.

Saturday: Aubrey and Jude slept until 7:45, and that's the latest they've slept in a while. David took them and went to Wal-Mart, and I fell back asleep. They came in and woke me up when they got home, and it was almost 10! Wow! I fed Jude and had to hurry and get ready for the wedding. I had to be there at 12, and I was running a few minutes late. The wedding was nice, and it didn't last too long, but they did ALL of their pictures after the ceremony, so that took quite a while. By the time they finished with the pictures and everyone left and Rebekkah and I got everything put back and locked up, it was almost 3:30. When I got home, Aubrey was sleeping, and Jude was in his bed but not asleep, so I went in and fed him. He went to sleep after that and ended up taking a good nap.

While I was gone, David said Jude had so much fun pulling up on everything. David thought he looked so cute pulled up on the window sill that he went outside to get some pictures of him!When both of the kids woke up, we got ready and went to Pizza Inn for dinner. After we ate, we ran to Target and then came home for bed. We got thr kids down and then we relaxed and talked for a long time, and went to bed after midnight. I don't know why we stay up so late when we know we have to get up early! :)

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