Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Unwelcome Visitor

Last week, David and Aubrey were playing outside when he called me out there to see "something." I wasn't so sure I really wanted to see this "something", but I nervously went out and looked. I saw this big guy hanging out right by our deck:We had the zoom lense on our camera. We didn't really get this close to the snake! And be sure you notice it's long body going underneath the deck. This thing was BIG.

Of course I freaked out and screamed. The snake was literally just frozen in place. We looked at it and took pictures for a while, and our dog was running around right there, and the snake never moved. After a while, I went back inside, and David poked the snake with a stick. He said it started writhing and flopped up on our deck step and just freaked out for a minute and then crawled under the deck. He said it was about 3-4 feet long. YUCK! That just gives me goosebumps! Aubrey saw the snake while it was frozen and didn't seem phased, but David said as he was about to poke it, she freaked out and said she didn't want to see it move and ran and jumped into our hammock. Ha! Smart girl.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there was another "sighting" later that night. Jude and I had gone to church, and David and Aubrey stayed home because she had fever. Our garage is semi-detached from the house, and when Jude and I got home from church, I opened the garage door to go into the house, and I saw A HEAD! The funny part was that I flipped the light switch on before I opened the door and actually thought, "I hope that snake isn't hanging out right outside the door. I'll wait a minute after turning the light on to give it time to get the heck out of here." Apparently I didn't wait long enough, because when I opened the door, the snake's rather large head was sticking out from underneath the stairs going up to the house. I slammed the door and waited a minute and cracked the door again. Once again, I was greeted by those eyes. Ahhh! I totally freaked out and was yelling for David. Of course my phone was dead. He was in the house and didn't hear me. So, Jude and I walked around the house and rang the front doorbell. David and Aubrey were having a jolly time sitting on the couch watching Sleeping Beauty, and had no clue about the trauma I had just been through. (Haha.) When I told David, he ran outside to look, and the snake was still there, so I'm NOT crazy. It pulled it's head back under when he went out there, but later that night, when he went outside to feed the dog, it was back out.

The snake isn't poisonous, but, honestly, that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better about it. I just get the CREEPS thinking about it. I hate that I'm now too scared to take the kids outside to play. When we go get in the car, we just make a mad dash to the garage and pray there are no unwelcome "friends" hanging around. David has been outside with Aubrey several times since then, and he hasn't seen it (or them) again. I don't know what the deal is with our house and snakes. We had several incidents last year, too. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

...Although, I still think I would rather have snakes outside than roaches inside. Just trying to look on the bright side ;-)


Amy said...

AAAAHHHH!!!! I would literally lock myself inside indefinitely. No kidding! When I was in high school, they were building a neighborhood behind my parent's house....they live back in the "woods" ....and somehow that attracted many rats - ugh, right?! well, one just happened to find it's way into my bedroom and i swear to you, i did not sleep in my room for 6 months! i slept in the guest room and when i finally did make it back to my room, i slept with the lights on for at least another 6 months - ha!

J. Henry said...

Yikes!! That snake is pretty lucky! If he found his way into our yard he'd be a dead snake!

I had a mice experience about a year or so ago. After a big rain a few of them somehow got into my garage IN MY CAR!!!! Picture me driving down the road wondering if a mouse is gonna jump out and touch me! (Dan was out of town so I had to drive to work to get a coworker to get rid of them for me.)

Big Jen said...

This story is awesome!!!!!