Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Ramblings

-Yesterday was a fun day! Ashley was in town for a quick trip, and, since Sarah Denley is currently on bedrest, we met at her house for lunch. It was so fun and especially exciting, because Ashley announced that they got a referral that morning! That means they have a sweet baby boy waiting for them in Korea! We were so thrilled for them, and it was exciting to hear the news in person and "hot off the press." Fun fact: their baby boy and Jude are almost exactly the same age! :-) Anyway, we were joking yesterday about how every time Ashley comes to town, there is "baby news." Last time she was here, SD announced that she was pregnant with baby Graves, and this time Ashley had the baby news. I told David that the pressure is on for me to have some kind of baby announcement the next time Ashley comes. He said she better not be coming for a while then. Ha! I'm sure I'll wear him down eventually ;-) Haha!

-Today has been rainy and overcast, which is actually my favorite kind of weather. Except when there are tornado watches. Which there are tonight. Ughh. I hate spring in the South, because I can't even enjoy a good rainy day without worrying about dang tornadoes!

-Jude has been sleeping pretty good in his bed. He's been waking up at 3:20 the past few nights, though. It's a little tricky to get him back to sleep. That's still an improvement over how he was sleeping in our room. He was waking up several times a night then, and I was feeding him at least once. I haven't been feeding him until the early morning lately. Naps are still hit or miss, but they are MUCH more frequent than they were a month ago, so I'm trying to remain positive. I've learned that if Jude doesn't get his morning nap, I might as well hang it up for the day. That's tough, because if we do anything (lunch, errands, Bible Study, park), he will almost definitely not get a morning nap. Today we went to Bible Study, and he doesn't really nap in the nursery. He got a little catnap in his seat because we ran to Kroger afterward. I've pretty much spent the entire rest of the afternoon trying to get him to nap. I've tried letting him cry, rocking him, walking around with him, nursing him, and just letting him sit in my lap. He just finally went to sleep a few minutes ago, and I bet he'll be up in 20 minutes. It's frustrating, because he is SO exhausted he can barely hold his eyes open, but he just won't give it up when he gets overtired. Poor guy. Anyway, the sleep situation is definitely not perfect around here, but it's much improved.

-Aubrey makes me laugh so much these days. She is so vocal, and she's LOUD. We were in Target the other day, and a mother and a little girl walked by us. The little girl was wearing a cute little outfit and soccer cleats. Aubrey asked me VERY loudly why "that girl" was wearing boy shoes? Haha! The mom kind of gave me a dirty look :-/ Aubrey isn't the greatest at sharing. I think this is partly her age, and partly the fact that she doesn't really have to share her stuff with anyone at home (yet!). We've really been working with her on sharing, and anytime she does give a toy to Jude or something like that, we make a big deal out of it and tell her how great it is to share. So now, if another child has a toy that she wants, she thinks she can just go grab it and yell, "You need to SHARE!" at the child. Oh boy. So now, we're working on teaching her that SHE needs to share and not worry about other kids. This parenting stuff can be hard! ;-)

-I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks. It wasn't fun. And I had to go by myself because Rebekkah is out of town, so that made it even worse. I need to crack down though, because we're going to the beach in a couple of months!! I'm SO excited about it! We're going with the Arants and taking all the kids, so that should be an adventure! I can't wait to see how the kids like the beach. Anyway, my goal is to be at least presentable in a bathing suit by the time we go. It's funny the way your goals change after having kids. I don't even expect to look good; I just don't want to look gross. Haha :)

-I guess I should go try to do at least one productive thing today before Jude wakes up. Happy Tuesday!

PS - So much for doing something productive. Jude was awake before I could even publish this post. Oh well!

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Amy said...

too funny about aubrey and the girl wearing "boy shoes" - ha! sounds like she knows how to speak her mind ;)
we are going to the beach in just a few weeks....and i'm not even packing a bathing suit - haha! we are going again in august so i'm with you, i'm not expecting to look good....i just don't wanna look gross :)
btw, have you ever heard of "limericki" they have THE CUTEST bathing suits! i ordered one last year (and i was still nursing at the time so it was hard to find a suit that didn't make me look....vulgar) they are great!! check out their website or their facebook page if you get a chance :)