Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun Morning

Yesterday was a fun day! Ashley had been in town for a wedding, and she stopped by on her way out of town to see us and meet Jude! Of course she wanted to see Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton too, so they came over also. Ashley brought doughnuts and Sarah Denley brought muffins, so we had a breakfast feast and a wonderful visit! Aubrey stuffed her face with doughnuts and muffins, I'm not even kidding. After she had had about 3 doughnuts and 2 muffins we put them up, but she managed to reach them anyway and helped herself to a couple more. Haha. She was definitely on a sugar high that afternoon :-/

Anyway, it was SO nice to be reunited with Ashley again! We had a great time laughing and catching up. AND the best part was that we were able to be together for Sarah Denley's big announcement: BABY #2 IS ON THE WAY!! Ashley and I screamed we were so excited! Congratulations, Sarah Denley! We could not be more happy for you!!

I was so glad to introduce Jude to my sweet friend. Ashley got to hold him for a while and I think he liked her :)Ashley also brought a canvas for Jude's room that she painted for me. I LOVE it! It looks perfect in the nursery! That means we only have a few more finishing touches to put on Jude's room before I show pictures. I know they are way overdue!

So yesterday was such a fun day! Catching up with old friends and learning that a new friend is on the way... What could be better? :)


Shay said...

I cant wait to see his room!

Sarah Denley said...

Thanks for the sweet shout-out! I'm looking forward to learning everything about being a Mommy to two from you!