Monday, February 7, 2011

Talking and Talking

I think Aubrey has officially entered the stage where she is going to start saying things that embarrass me to death. She just says whatever pops into her head, and she says everything loudly. We were in Target tonight, and there was a lady in a wheel chair. A teenage looking boy was pushing her around, and Aubrey remarked (in a very loud voice, of course), "Mommy, look at that little boy in that big stroller!" We saw them again later, and she said, "There's that little boy (it was a woman) in that big stroller again, Mommy!" I tried to hustle her in the opposite direction every time I saw them coming after that. Haha!

When we were in the car tonight, Jude was blowing raspberries in his car seat. Aubrey was very concerned about the fact that he was spitting. She kept telling him in the bossiest tone you can imagine, "Stop spitting, Jude!" Or, "Stop spitting right now! You can only spit outside, Jude!!" (She knows that from experience!)

I told her to give me a kiss today, and she said that she couldn't kiss me on the lips because she was sick and had germs. I said I thought she was well. She said she had a cough, and I reminded her that she hadn't been coughing lately. Oddly enough, right about then, she was seized by a (fake) coughing spell. Ha!

And finally, who knew a crib could be such a danger zone!? The poor girl "hurts" herself constantly while she is in her crib "trying to go to sleep" for her nap. It's just the strangest thing. She calls me up there about every 30 seconds to kiss her forehead, her hand, her leg, etc. I think someone is becoming a little expert on stalling naptime! ;)

Aubrey keeps me laughing, for sure. She's got plenty of personality, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Amy said...

hahaha! hilarious! i love the boy (woman) in the stroller! ;) have you ever seen this book before? it's a little journal where you can write down all their funny little "quotes"

The Niemeyer Nest said...

That is pretty funny but I would have been embarrassed too. I love that Aubrey knows how to stall naptime. Too bad they cannot take and enjoy naps until they go to kindergarten without any kinks.

Anonymous said...

HA! These are hilarious. :)

Abby Hutto said...

Hey, Carrie! I love your blog! I didn't realize you had two kids! They are so cute. It is truly a blessing being a mama--even on the worst of days, isn't it? My baby is 5 already and it seems like he was born yesterday. Anyways, I'll have fun keeping up with you via the blog!

Love, Abby