Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review: Home Sweet Home & Sickies!

This week was pretty good. Remember that this post is picking up in the middle of our Missouri trip. I was happy to get home to see David and Aubrey, but unfortunately Aubrey ended up being sick when I got home :( We had to make a trip to the doctor, which is never fun. We got medicine, though, and she is pretty much all well now!

Sunday: Ashley teaches Sunday School at her church, so she went to church early for that, and Sarah Denley and I stayed at her house and slept in and just went for church. Since I was keeping Jude with me instead of putting him in the nursery, Ashley had told us it would probably be best to sit in the balcony in case I needed to make a speedy exit ;) Her dad (who is the pastor of her church) introduced us to the WHOLE church, but he couldn't find us since we were in the balcony. It was funny, and I'm sure I was 17 shades of red! He even commented on our Southern accents. In front of the whole church. Haha! Good times :) Jude did really great through most of the service. I had to take him out toward the end, not because he was crying, but because he was TALKING. I decided to go ahead and feed him so that he would hopefully sleep through lunch. After I finished feeding him, church was over and we met up with Ashley's family so we could go to lunch together. We went to an Italian place, and it was really good! After a fun lunch, we went back to Ashley's house and just sat around talking and resting all afternoon. It was very low-key. We warmed up potato soup from Ashley's mom that night for dinner, and it was delicious! We sat around talking some more after dinner (talking was the theme of this trip! :). We decided to make another Starbuck's run that night, and a few of us may or may not have gotten multiple desserts ;) When we got back to Ashley's house, we ate our desserts and got into a rousing conversation on discipline and ended up staying up until 2:30 in the AM. We quickly went to bed when we realized what time it was -- SD and I had a long drive ahead of us the next day!

Monday: We slept in since we had gotten to bed so late. When we woke up, we got ready and packed up. We ate breakfast and then loaded up the car. We said our goodbyes and got on the road about 10:30 or so. We were sad to say goodbye but happy to have had such a fun weekend! We made good time on the way home and didn't get lost at all :) Jude slept for the first half of the trip, and by the time he woke up crying because he was hungry, we were ready to stop for lunch anyway. We stopped at a Steak and Shake, and we loved it! I wish we had one of those here! I fed Jude in the bathroom while we waited for our food. We got back on the road after lunch, and Jude was good again. Sarah Denley and I had great conversations in the car, so that helped pass the time quickly. We stopped again later for a drink, and then we almost made it home, but we had to stop again for gas. We finally got home around 6:30, and we were so happy to be home! I dropped SD off at her house and then went home. David's mom had kept Aubrey all day while David was at work, and then my mom went over and was going to take Aubrey to church for karate, but since I was going to be home soon, she just kept Aubrey at our house until I got there. I was SO happy to see Aubrey, and she was SO happy to see JUDE! Haha. She literally was bouncing up and down when she saw him. I got him out of his seat and they just looked at each other and laughed and laughed. It was really heartwarming :) I'm so glad they love each other. Aubrey was happy to see me, too, once she got over the excitement of being reunited with her brother. My mom stayed at my house for a little while, and then she went home. Aubrey had come down with a cold over the weekend, and David had told me he thought she might be wheezing, and she was. I did a breathing treatment, and she was very cooperative.I fixed Aubrey some dinner and just enjoyed being with her. David got home later, and I was happy to see him, too! We talked for a while, and he held Jude, and then he put Aubrey to bed and I put Jude to bed. We just jumped right back into our routine :) I was pretty tired from being up so late the night before, so we went to bed early.

Tuesday: I really wanted to go to Bible Study that morning -- Rebekkah was leading, and the name of the chapter we were going over was "The 5 AM Club." Haha. I wasn't sure about putting Aubrey in the nursery, though, since she had that cold. My dad was going to be at church, so he watched Aubrey (and Jude) in his office so that I could go to Bible Study. Yay! I really enjoyed the study and discussion, but I'm not sure if I'll be joining The 5 AM Club. I'll have to do a whole post about that ;) After Bible Study, Rebekkah and I decided to grab lunch. The weather was supposed to get bad that afternoon (possible tornadoes!) so we went somewhere close to home. We had fun, but Aubrey was unusually fussy and clingy. I wasn't sure if it was because she wasn't feeling well or just because she had missed me while I was gone. After lunch, we went home and I gave Aubrey another breathing treatment since she was still wheezing. She then went down for a nap, and then I put Jude down. He cried/fussed for about 20 minutes, and I really didn't think he was going to go to sleep. He finally did, though! Unfortunately, he only slept for about 20 minutes :( I guess it was better than nothing. I got a few things done, but not much since he was awake all afternoon. When David got home, I ran to the grocery store to get something to fix for dinner for them. I had Bunco that night, so I wasn't eating at home. When I got back home, I cooked pasta pesto and got ready for Bunco. I went and picked Rebekkah up, and we rode together. Bunco was at my mom's house, so that was fun! We had a good time, and I even won a prize for the last Bunco. After it was over, Rebekkah and I went to the gym. How committed are we?! We skipped the weights since we were getting a late start and just ran on the treadmill. I was glad we went after the fact :) It was late when we got home, and David and the kids were all in bed. I went to bed pretty late.

Wednesday: When we got up that morning, Aubrey was still wheezing. My mom's intuition said she should be getting better after 2 days of breathing treatments, and I thought I should probably take her to the doctor. Jude needed to have his 6 month checkup, so I decided to just take them both at the same time. I called and got an appointment for 1:45, and we pretty much just hung out and got ready for the appointment all morning. Jude did take a nap that was about 5o minutes long. That's LONG for him! It was a good thing he slept for a while because Aubrey was super fussy and pretty much needed my full attention. We got to the doctor and found out Aubrey had a double ear infection :( I was really glad I had gone with my gut and taken her to the doctor. Jude got a clean bill of health, though! It was pretty stressful taking both of them to the doctor by myself though, especially since Aubrey was sick and grumpy. By the time we left, I had had enough and decided we would get her prescription filled when David got home. Besides, it was FREEZING outside, and I didn't want to get the kids out again. I gave Aubrey a breathing treatment and put her down for a nap when we got home. Jude had slept in the car on the way home, so he didn't feel like napping again. Once again, I didn't get a ton done. I don't know how I'm going to be productive with a child who doesn't really nap! Aubrey woke up right after David got home, and she was not a happy camper! David and I went back and forth on what we should do about going to church. He had to go because he had a meeting, and Rebekkah and I were supposed to leave straight from church to go workout. We decided we would just go late and not put her in the nursery (ear infections aren't contagious and she didn't have fever). It ended up taking FOREVER to get her prescription filled and then we drove through Chick Fil A, so we were super late for church. David got there just in time for his meeting, and I just watched the kids and chatted with Rebekkah until David finished and could take the kids. Rebekkah and I left and went to the gym. We had a good workout -- we did weights, too, this time. When I got home, David was giving Aubrey a breathing treatment, and Jude was chilling in his carseat. David took Aubrey to bed, and I fed Jude and got him ready for bed. It had been a long day, and I went to bed not too long after that.
Aubrey rocking a messy ponytail and not pausing for 2 seconds to let me take a picture ;)

Thursday: We were supposed to be getting a "winter storm" that day, and it was just cold and nasty outside, so we stayed home all day. Aubrey seemed to be feeling better, so I was relieved about that! I made a chore list for myself the night before, and that helped me be more productive all day. After we got up and ate breakfast, I tried to work a good bit around the house. I changed the sheets on our bed, folded laundry, straightened up some clutter in the kitchen, and dusted. Between all that, I gave Aubrey breathing treatments and played/talked to Jude since he took his usual 20 minute naps. Aubrey took a good nap at least. Karate got canceled that night because it had been sleeting and more bad weather was supposed to come in that night. David got to come home after work, and it ended up being really nice to have a night together. I had not been to the grocery store in quite a while, so our cupboards were BARE. We went to dinner at Huddle House and had a fun family dinner :) After dinner, we headed home and spent time with the kids. We then put them to bed and relaxed the rest of the evening. Rebekkah and I had decided not to go to the gym that night because of potentially icy roads, and it was really nice to just have a night at home with nothing to do.

Friday: David went in to work late because the roads were icy first thing in the morning. That meant I got to sleep until 9, and that was SO nice :) He left to go to work, and Aubrey was so sad to see him go. She just cried and cried. It was sad. It was my little brother's 13th birthday, and she perked up when we called to wish him a happy birthday. I had another pretty productive day. I swept the house, bathed both of the kids, and cleaned and decluttered our bathroom. Jude's morning nap was 19 minutes long. He really is like clockwork. It's bizarre. Aubrey went down for her nap, and I took a shower. David called to say he was coming home a little early, so I went into the living room/kitchen to straighten up before he got home. Jude was in his jumperoo in my bathroom door, and when I went back into the bathroom to check on him (just a few minutes later), this is what I found: It about gave me a heart attack! I yelled his name and roused him, and he fell right back to sleep. Once I knew he was fine, I got the camera ;) Apparently those 20 minute naps just aren't cutting it. I was able to transfer him to his bed, and he slept for - you guessed it - 20 minutes! David was home when he woke up, and he played with him while I got dressed and put makeup on. Aubrey woke up a little later, and we got her dressed and ready to go run an errand. I needed to get a baby gift, so we all went to a baby store, and David sat in the car with the kids while I went in. When I finished there, we ate dinner at Pizza Inn. We then went to Target for diapers. When we got home, it was bedtime for the children! I wanted to watch a movie after they went to bed, but then I got on the internet and lost track of time, and David read a book, so we never watched a movie. Oh well - it was an enjoyable evening anyway :)

Saturday: I got up fairly early (for a Saturday!) and got ready to go to a little baby shower for a sweet friend from church. It's her second baby, so the shower was at a restaurant and very low-key. I picked Rebekkah up and we rode together. The shower was really fun! After it was over, I headed back home, and David was happy to see me! Apparently the kids had been a handful.
Aubrey is obsessed with hair clips these days and always wants multiple ones in her hair at once.

Jude was hungry, so I fed him and got him dressed. The two of us then met my mom, grandmother, and cousin to shop for a little while. Jude was kind of fussy, which is unusual for him. He's been a little congested, so I think he just wasn't feeling great. We didn't shop for a really long time since he was fussy. When we got home, Aubrey was napping. Rebekkah and I had decided that we probably needed to go workout since we had missed Thursday. (We had decided that we were going to go a minimum of 3 times a week.) So when I got home from shopping, I changed into my workout clothes and we went to the gym. As much as I really didn't want to workout on a Saturday, I was glad we did -- that's commitment right there! Haha. When I got home, it was getting kind of late, and we were ready for dinner. I changed back into my regular clothes, and we went to eat Mexican. It was good but SLOW. By the time we finished, it was the kids' bedtime, and we still had to go to the grocery store. We were fast in the grocery store, and we got the kids down as soon as we got home. I cooked a cake for my little brother's family birthday party the next day (today) and then went to bed.

I'm hoping that Jude's congestion will clear up, and that this week will be sickness free!!

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

It seems like with two kids the chances are high that someone is always sick! Your kids sound like they are so go with the flow. Evie is scheduled like me which sounds great in theory but life does not always go according to schedule!