Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jude at 6 Months Old

I mentioned that when I took Aubrey to the doctor last week, I went ahead and scheduled Jude's 6 month checkup at the same time. And by the way, I do not recommend taking two children to the doctor by yourself if one of them is sick and fussy/clingy/freaking out. Not the best decision I've ever made. Plus, they made us sit in the sick waiting room, which I understand since Aubrey was sick, but usually they let us sit on a little bench in the hall when one child is sick and one isn't. The whole time we were in that full waiting room, all I could think about was stomach bugs, and the flu, and strep throat (oh my!).

Anyway, onto the point of this post: Jude's stats! ;-) He weighed approximately 19 pounds. I say approximately, because Aubrey was having a meltdown while we were trying to weigh him, and so they didn't make me take his clothes off and just deducted a few ounces for his clothes. He was 28 1/2 inches long. This puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and length. I'm not sure about his head circumference, but those numbers don't really mean anything to most people, anyway ;-)

Developmentally, the doctor said Jude is doing great! He is able to sit up; we just need to work on balance a little bit more. He is alert, and grabs EVERYTHING. I was really worried because he still has never rolled from his back to his stomach. He's rolled onto his side, but he's never gone all the way over. The doctor said as long as he rolls one way (and he's been rolling from his tummy to back since he was about 2 months old) she doesn't worry. Plus, he really is so close to rolling all the way. He just honestly doesn't get a lot of time on the floor to practice these skills since it's quite possible that he would get trampled if I turned my back for half a second. Ha! Poor child will probably never crawl ;-)

I asked the doctor about Jude's 20 minute naps hoping for some sage advice, and, well.... I didn't really get any. She said if he sleeps well at night (and, at this point, she said waking up once a night would be considered "sleeping well") and still only naps for 20 minutes, he might just not require a long nap. If his naps are sporadic AND he doesn't sleep well at night, he's probably over-tired, but since that isn't really the case...well, I guess this might just be "the norm" for Jude. That wasn't really what I was hoping to hear. It's kind of exhausting to only get 20 minutes of quiet time a day (Aubrey is awake during his first 20 minute nap). If that's all he needs, though, what can you do? He's way too young to understand any sort of "you have to stay in your bed for at least an hour for quiet time" concept, and I'm not going to just let him cry if he isn't tired. So, we just get lots of one on one time in the afternoon while Aubrey naps. Which isn't all bad :-) I do love spending time with my little man. I'm not convinced that he doesn't need more sleep, though, so if anyone has any tips on extending naptime, I'm all ears! Haha.

Jude has been a little congested lately (darn sick waiting room!) (just kidding -- I'm sure it's from all those big sister kisses), so he hasn't been sleeping all that great at night, either. He's been sleeping in his bed for the first several hours and then waking up stopped up. At that point, after feeding him and trying to get him back to sleep, we usually just end up putting him in the bed with us so that we can get a little sleep. Not ideal, and I'm afraid if this goes on much longer, it's going to be a hard habit to break when he doesn't have a little cold. Getting up in the night and then being energetic and sweet to a very ACTIVE 2 year old is not something I'm great at, so I'm praying this passes soon! Mama needs her sleep! Haha!

In spite of the sleep issues that we're still having, Jude is such a JOY, and we are so thankful for our sweet little baby.


Kristal said...

When Isaac was doing the 20 minute nap thing, I started either rocking or wearing him during nap time and he would sleep for MUCH longer. After a couple of weeks of consistent naps with me, I started laying him down after he'd been asleep for 20 minutes. He'd usually stay asleep for at least 20 more minutes. After a few successful weeks of that, I laid him down as soon as he was asleep and he would stay asleep for 45+ minutes and that time gradually got longer and longer. It was more work up front, but worth it in the end!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I went through this with Evie too. Try doing your nap time routine again when he wakes up after 20 minutes. It worked with Evie but somedays I spent more time trying to get her to sleep than she did sleeping.

Life on the Terrace said...

Our guys are quite similar with their napping! Glad to know your doctor isn't thinking it is a problem either, but I still wish we could get a little break! :)