Monday, October 18, 2010

Week in Review: Grumpy Girl!

I'm pretty late posting this, but our weekend was a little busy, so this is just the first chance I'm getting. Our week last week was rough. It was the fussiest, whiniest Aubrey has been in her life! It wasn't very fun, but somehow we managed, and I'm thankful for a fresh week with, hopefully, less meltdowns!!

We went to church and Sunday School. They were both good. I hadn't gone to the grocery store the day before since we were at the fair, so we had NO food at our house. We stopped and picked up some lunch at Fresh Market Cafe on our way home from church and ate it when we got home. After lunch was naptime for everyone :) We went back to church that night. My parents took dinner to church for the youth group that night, so David and I helped my mom serve it and ate also. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and I watched Sister Wives. That show is weird, but I can't stop watching it!

Monday: Aubrey woke up in a terrible horrible mood, and that set the tone for the rest of the week. I have no idea what was wrong with her, but it was just meltdown after meltdown all morning long. It was awful. I tried so hard to be patient with her and figure out what was wrong, but nothing was making her happy. Finally, I was about to just scream, so I just had to ignore her for my sanity. It had taken her FOREVER to go to sleep the night before. She was still up at 11 PM just talking to herself in her bed. She woke up at the normal time on Monday, though, so I think part of the problem was that she was just exhausted. I ended up putting her down for her nap early, because I just couldn't deal with the screaming and crying anymore. I know I sound like a terrible mother, but I'm just keeping it real! I try to be very patient with Aubrey in general, but I was OUT of patience by mid-morning. Thankfully, Aubrey went right to sleep and slept for 4 hours! I knew she was tired! She was better when she woke up but still fussier than usual. We went to church for karate after she woke up. (We were meeting David there.) My grandmother came to church to visit, so we just hung out at church and didn't go anywhere. I was just happy to get some help with Miss Whiney :) David drove the kids home after karate, and I picked up dinner for us.

Tuesday: Aubrey woke up fairly early, and we got ready for Bible Study. For the first time in a LONG time, Aubrey didn't cry when I dropped her off in the nursery! Yay! After Bible Study, Rebekkah and I (and the kids, of course!) went to lunch. The Arants had been out of town at the beach, so we were so happy to catch up! Aubrey was ok, but still not her usual happy self. She just seems more demanding - several people have told me this is probably just a phase that goes along with turning 2. Whew, I hope not! I'm hoping it's something super temporary like a tooth coming in ;) Anyway, when we got home, the kids went down for naps. When David got home, they were still sleeping and we were able to talk for a while. After Jude woke up and I fed him, I left the kids with David and went to the grocery store to get something to cook for dinner. I cooked enchiladas and we ate dinner together. It seemed like it had been ages since we had had a night at home together, so it was nice. David gave Aubrey a bath while I held Jude and watched 19 Kids and Counting. The rest of the night was pretty relaxing and uneventful.

Wednesday: Aubrey woke up at 7. I knew she would be super tired if she got up for the day, so I went and told her it wasn't time to get up. I was shocked, but she actually went back to sleep for two more hours! That was so nice! It gave me some time to get ready before she got up. I took Aubrey over to my mom's house so I could go to a consignment sale. Jude went with me. Rebekkah and Carver were at the sale too. We didn't really find a ton, but I did find a couple of outfits for Aubrey and Jude. It was worth it just to get out of the house for a little while. I went and picked Aubrey up after that, and we ended up staying at my mom's house for a while. On the way home, we stopped at Target to get some things. Aubrey and Jude take up pretty much the entire buggy, and we needed big things: 2 boxes of diapers, a big bag of wet wipe refills, and a huge package of paper towels. I didn't think about how I was going to manage all that stuff until it was too late. Plus, Jude was having a meltdown, and it was Aubrey's naptime. Not really a winning combination. Somehow we managed. I had to push the buggy and carry several things too. I'll think things through a little better next time. By the time we got home, we were all ready for some rest! When David got home, we got ready and went to church. After we got home, I fed Jude and then went running with Rebekkah. I hadn't been running in 2 weeks, so I was pretty much dreading it. We were supposed to be on week 3 of Couch to 5K, but we decided to go back to week 1 since it had been so long. It actually wasn't bad! I can handle week 1. I wish we could just do that over and over. Ha! When I got home, we went to bed.

Thursday: We had a very low-key day. It consisted of a lot of sitting around. Aubrey was the most pleasant she had been all week. The big excitement of the day was that our dog, Knightly, caught a squirrel. He was barking and freaking out over something, and I was worried it was a snake. But then I saw him trotting around with a dead squirrel hanging out of his mouth. It was gross and sad. I didn't particularly care to see it, but Knightly kept running back and forth with it in his mouth, and it was kind of hard to miss. He was so proud of himself. Aubrey kept asking me what Knightly was doing with the squirrel, and I told her he was eating it for lunch. Ha! I probably shouldn't have said that, because she looked a little disturbed. She kept repeating over and over, "Knightly eating squirrel. For LUNCH!" Haha. David said I should have told her Knightly and the squirrel were playing. When we got to karate, I told my mom to ask her what Knightly had for lunch. Aubrey said, "Squirrel." (Except it sounds like "Skull" when she says it.) Anyway, Aubrey and Jude took good naps and I was able to get some stuff done around the house. We met David at karate. During karate we went to Target. Aubrey had a meltdown over something on the way home. David was talking about how frustrating it is when she gets like that, and I said, "Welcome to my week!" Haha. Thankfully, Aubrey went to bed easily, and I was able to cook dinner for us.

Friday: We got up and got ready to go to lunch. Aubrey had a major meltdown as we were trying to get out the door. I'm not even sure what the problem was, but it wasn't pretty. Jude was crying too, I may or may not have had a slight meltdown myself :/ We did manage to get out of the door in one piece, even though we were running a little late. Aubrey perked up in the car on the way to lunch. We met Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton at Beagle Bagel, and as soon as we walked up to the table, Aubrey told SD that she had "been whining and whining!" Haha. That's putting it mildly! We had a nice lunch, but it was cut a little short by some little girls who were getting kind of bored sitting still ;) After lunch, we headed home for naps! Aubrey took a long nap, but Jude slept kind of off and on. I got some straightening up done during naptime though. When David got home, I got ready because Rebekkah and I were having a girls' night! We went shopping and to dinner. We had so much fun shopping at our own pace (without strollers and feeding/nap schedules, I mean!) and just chatting. We finished out the night at Barnes and Noble for coffee. Such a fun night, and just what I needed after a stressful week! David was SO sweet to keep the kids and let me get out! When I got home, David and I talked and then went to bed.

Saturday: We had a low-key morning. David and Aubrey hung out and played outside, and Jude and I got ready to go shopping. We met my mom and brothers for lunch and then did a little shopping. One of my brothers needed some shoes, so after they found those, they left to go over to our house to watch the Auburn game with David. My mom, Jude, and I kept shopping all afternoon. My dad ended up going over to our house to watch the game too, and we were going to go over to my parents' house for dinner when the game ended, but it got late, so we decided to cook at our house instead. We grilled burgers and watched the first half of the Ole Miss game. It wasn't looking very promising, so my family went home during halftime. I went to the grocery store that night and then prepared lunch for the next day before going to bed.

So far, this week is looking less fussy than last week! Aubrey has been in a good mood so far, and I'm praying it stays! She has a little runny nose, so maybe her allergies were bothering her last week. I don't know, but I'm hoping my happy girl is back!!


Amy said...

Sorry you had a tough week (and so did Aubrey!) ;(
If it makes you feel any better, mine was pretty much the same way....only it was ME that was so "fussy" not Libbi - ha! I think jeffrey probably would have said that I was just "whining and whining" :) Maybe it was something in the air??? ;0)

Sarah Denley said...

Ohhh, I hope this week is better! AP totally outdid anything I've ever seen from Aubrey at lunch though. Hopefully, Aubrey's younger friend wasn't too bad of an influence, ha!

My favorite part of these now is all the "Aubrey quotes"; it's so much fun reading the hilarious things she says and I'm sure you'll love having a record later. It'll be so funny one day when Aubrey reads this!

David Howie said...

That 19 Wives and Counting show is really weird.

Or am I getting mixed up...

J. Henry said...

You do NOT sound like a terrible mother. Anyone who has a child knows how difficult it is. And who could blame you with two little ones?!

I love reading Aubrey's sayings! "Knightly eating squirrel. for LUNCH!" - too funny!!!