Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jude is 3 months old!

Happy 3 month birthday, Jude! It actually feels like Jude has been here MUCH longer than 3 months. He is already such an important part of our family, that it's shocking to me that we've only had him for 3 months. We just love our little man so much!! Here are some of the things Jude has been up to the past month:

-He is still an excellent sleeper! He sleeps about 8 hours, and then wakes up to eat and sleeps for another 3 hours before he is up for the day.

-He takes two good naps a day and a couple of catnaps if we are in the car or running errands.

-Sometimes if he wakes up fussing during his nap, I slip in and give him his pacifier. I just stick my hand into his bed and try not to let him see me. He has gotten smart though - he knows when he sees hand that means there is a body attached to that hand! Haha. He looks around until he finds me, and then he just smiles so big. It's too cute, and of course I just have to pick him up and cuddle him back to sleep after that! :)

-Jude is very social. He LOVES it when anyone makes eye contact with him and talks to him. Pretty much all you have to do to get a huge smile out of Jude is to look him in the eye. If you talk to him, he just coos back at you so sweetly!

-He laughed out loud this past month! I was putting Jude in his carseat and talking to him, and suddenly he just belly laughed. He actually laughed for the first time on David's birthday (October 5th). It was so sweet I almost cried. He has laughed several more times since then, and most of the time it is when I'm putting him in his carseat. Apparently, there is just something hilarious about that.

-On that note, Jude loves being in his carseat most of the time. Except when his carseat is in the car :/ For some reason, he has decided he no longer likes riding in the car. He has gotten to where he cries almost every time we are in the car now. I have gotten very good at tuning it out and not letting it stress me out. He will scream for a while, and then randomly stop and go to sleep. So weird. He does love his carseat though. A lot of times, if David is taking care of Jude and he is fussy, the only way he can calm Jude down is to put him in his carseat and swing him. He goes to sleep almost every time.

-Jude rolled over for the first time the other day! (October 14th.) We were at church for karate, and my parents and I were just hanging out. I told them I was going to give Jude some tummy time, but to be prepared for screaming, because he hates it. Usually he just lays on his stomach and cries and doesn't even really try to pick his head up. Well, this time he pushed up on his arms, put his head all the way up, and rolled right over! We were all so impressed! He ended up doing it 3 times that night and has done it several more times since then! Such a big boy!

-Jude is really getting chunky ;) He weighs about 14 pounds and wears a size 3-6 month clothes.

-People are starting to say more and more that he looks like Aubrey now.

-He has gotten really good about taking a bottle. He has never had any formula, and he doesn't get a bottle very often, but I'm so glad he will take one when he needs to!

-Jude has discovered his hands, and he loves to suck/chew on them. He has them in his mouth all the time these days!

Jude is just a sweet, easy-going baby and he is such a joy! We love him dearly and are so thankful for the gift of children that we've been given. May we never take that tremendous gift for granted!

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