Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

Amy and Sarah Denley have both done this on their blogs recently. Since I have been in sort of a blogging slump this week, I decided to do it too! :)

I always...
-Love a rainy day.
-Get excited when the seasons change.
-Am in the mood for dessert (although, I DON'T always act on that ;)
-Am glad when I exercise... after the fact.
-Love to shop!
-Wish I knew how to take professional looking pictures.
-Love having plans that get us out of the house.
-Love coming home to a clean house.
-Worry too much.
-Wash my face before bed.
-Get scared during tornado weather.
-Want to travel!
-Do all the cooking at our house.
-Would rather text someone instead of calling them.

I sometimes...
-Wish we weren't so busy every night but then realize I would probably be bored if we weren't.
-Peek ahead in the book I'm reading to see how it ends. (This used to be an ALWAYS, but I'm getting better!)
-Do absolutely nothing productive during Aubrey and Jude's naps.
-Wear something without ironing it... but not very often!
-Loose my cool when both kids are screaming at the same time.
-Paint my fingernails.
-Hate grocery shopping.
-Want to take a sewing class.
-Read several books back to back and then don't read another book for months :(
-Win the things I bid on on ebay - but RARELY!

I never...
-Get tired of listening to Aubrey talk - good thing, because it's pretty much CONSTANT ;)
-Get tired of seeing Jude smile at me.
-Wish that I was doing anything besides exactly what I'm doing (being a stay-at-home-mom), even on my most frustrating days.
-Enjoy getting up early.
-Feel like we have any food at our house, even when I've just been to the grocery store!
-Sleep without my fan on.
-Throw dead bugs away.
-Pay attention to TV commercials (David thinks this is crazy).
-Know what's going on during a football game - ha!
-Get tan.
-Load or unload the dishwasher - David does that :)


Amy said...

Love it! So...if you don't throw dead bugs away, what DO you do with them? for the record, i put a cup on top of them to "Save" for jeffrey when he gets home :) and i totally agree....i am always glad i exercised - AFTER the fact ;0)

Sarah Denley said...

glad you did this, although I think I knew most of them!

I don't pay attention to football or commercials, either!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

You seriously need to clone David. He lets you sleep in, takes sick kids to the doctor and handles the dishwasher! WOW! Carl will NOT be thrilled to hear this info. I do not watch commericals, crying babies send me over the edge and I hate excercising the entire time that I am doing it but am always glad after the fact. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.