Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week in Review: Crossing things off the list...

We had a pretty productive week, thankfully! We were able to get a lot done in preparation of Jude's birth in a few weeks. So exciting!

We went to church and Sunday School, as usual. We had to run in Kroger on the way home to get milk and cookies to take to church that night. When we got home, I cooked beef stroganoff for lunch, and then Aubrey and I took a nap. David is giving up Sunday afternoon naps because he says he always sleeps terribly on Sunday nights if he takes a nap. I have no trouble sleeping, so I think I'll continue. Haha. We went back to church that night. After the service, we had our monthly fellowship and snack time. It was fun, and we were some of the last people to leave.

Monday: Aubrey woke up kind of early for her, but I wasn't surprised since she had taken a long, late nap the day before. We had a low-key morning and then got ready to have lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. Aubrey and AP hadn't seen each other in WEEKS, so I'm sure they were happy to catch up ;) When we got ready to leave the restaurant, I couldn't find my keys anywhere. After pretty much emptying my purse and the diaper bag, I realized I had left them in the restroom. Ughh, what am I going to do when I can't blame this kind of thing on pregnancy brain anymore? We came home just in time for Aubrey's nap. I didn't get anything productive done during naptime, I'm afraid. We went to karate with David that evening. My grandmother came to the church to see Aubrey. I needed to run an errand, so my mom and grandmother stayed at church with Aubrey while my brother and I went to Target. I had gotten some baby detergent so I could start washing Jude's clothes. When I got it home, I did NOT like the way it smelled. It smelled like a crayon to me. I realized I should have just stuck to my good ole Dreft. So, I exchanged laundry detergent. Is that weird?! Haha. I just want my baby's clothes to smell like a baby. We came home after karate and had an uneventful night.

Tuesday: After breakfast, Aubrey and I got ready to run errands. We went to Target, Babies R Us, and Kroger. I'm slowly getting stuff marked off my to-do list! :) We came home just in time for lunch. While Aubrey ate, I cooked brownies for a family from church who just had a baby. After I put Aubrey down for her nap, I cooked them dinner. Aubrey woke up, I packed up the meal, David got home, and I left to deliver the meal. On my way home, I stopped at Wal-Mart to get some light bulbs. When I got home, David, Aubrey, and I ate dinner. I had made enough for us to have the same meal as the one I delivered to our friends. I played with Aubrey while David finished mowing our backyard (he had mowed most of it that morning). Just as he was finishing, it started pouring. David came in and played with Aubrey while I went outside to distress her dresser that we've been painting. I stayed as long as I could take the heat. The rain did help cool it off a bit. Not long after I came in, it was Aubrey's bedtime. After she was asleep, David and I went up and worked on Jude's room. He rolled the ceiling while I cut in the walls. Whew! That was a busy day! My ankles were definitely swollen by the end of it.

Wednesday: Aubrey and I went on the hunt for a diaper bag for Jude that morning. We went to Sweet Dreams, Leap Frog, and Apple Annie's. Unfortunately, we didn't come home with a diaper bag. I just couldn't find anything that I really liked enough to buy. Aubrey was pretty good during our errands, considering none of the stores we went in are really stroller friendly. I held her most of the time until I couldn't take it anymore and let her walk. She wasn't TOO wild. :) I did buy a super cute toile lamp shade in the exact fabric as Jude's bedding. So sweet! When Aubrey and I got home, we ate lunch and she napped. I did lots of baby laundry and tried to get baby clothes sorted and hung up. I have so much to do! When David got home, he ran to the grocery store with Aubrey to get eggs (Aubrey had pulled our egg carton off the counter while I was baking and broke all the eggs... oops!) while I started dinner. We had vegetables and corn bread for dinner. After we ate, David played with Aubrey while I went upstairs and rolled Jude's room. It looks good! I came downstairs and watched a couple episodes of "I didn't know I was Pregnant." Hilarious! After Aubrey went to bed, I did some more painting while David cleaned up the kitchen. I'll paint over cleaning the kitchen any day! :) The nursery was close to being finished by the end of the night. We went to bed pretty late though.

Thursday: I've pretty much already summarized our crazy day here. I have to say, staying up so late and getting up before the crack of dawn gave me a small glimpse of how I might feel in a few weeks with a newborn who doesn't sleep through the night and a toddler. EXHAUSTED! I'm scared! :) Anyway, when I got back from the doctor, we picked up Knightly and went to a store with my mom to look for a diaper bag. We got one! It's vinyl, which I didn't think I wanted, but I like it and hopefully it will hold up well. By the time Aubrey and I got home, it was almost time for David to get home. We talked and got ready for karate. During karate, my mom, Aubrey, and I went to Home Depot, Fred's, and Target. I got some knobs for Jude's changing table. The pink ones we had on there for Aubrey weren't cutting it for him. :) We were all tired when we got home and went to bed early.

Friday: THANK the Lord, Aubrey slept later than she did the day before. She got up at 7:45. Ironically, I was more tired and sleepy that day than I was the day before though. I think it was just catching up with me. We didn't do much at all all morning since I was so sleepy. I pretty much just tried to watch Aubrey without falling asleep! Haha. We both took naps that afternoon! When David got home, we went to dinner at Mugshots. We got crappy service, as usual. Ha! After dinner we went to Ross and Hobby Lobby to get a curtain rod for the nursery. When we got home it was time for Aubrey to go to bed. David finished painting the nursery!! Yay! So excited.

Saturday: David and Aubrey got up pretty early, and Knightly was gone (shocking!) so they drove around the neighborhood until they found him. That's getting old. When I got up, Aubrey and I got ready and went shopping. We left David home to work in peace :) He did some touch up type things in Aubrey's room. We met my mom and grandmother and went to a few stores and ate lunch. We got a lot marked off our list for the baby at Babies R Us. I got the swing I really wanted for him! We didn't get a swing when Aubrey was born because I figured we would just use the bouncy seat. Well, she pretty much hated the bouncy seat, so I never had a place to just sit her during the day. I was determined to have options for Jude! :) The swing was really our only big purchase for this baby (um, besides another crib mattress and another monitor) so it was worth it. I just hope he likes it, because he might be spending a good bit of time in there. Ha! Anyway, Aubrey got pretty tired, so I brought her home for her nap. After she went to bed, I went back out to get some more stuff marked off our list. I got a crib mattress and some nursing shirts. David started painting Jude's bathroom while I was gone and Aubrey slept. I didn't think we would get around to painting the bathroom just yet, but we had a lot of paint left over and some time, so we are getting that done too! When I got home, David was still painting. I played with Aubrey until he finished up and then we had pizza for dinner. No Saturday night would be complete without a trip to Kroger. David hung Jude's curtains when we got home, and we got the room pretty much set up!! We still need finishing touches before I reveal it, but I'm so happy with the way it's turning out! Aubrey is in bed now, and I'm going to go straighten things up before I go to bed myself.

I feel like it's just a race to get everything done before Jude is born now! There are still some things I want to get done next week, but I feel pretty good about where we are now. He could come at any point now, and it would be ok! :)


rachel said...

ok so i am obsessed with i didn't know i was pregnant! i even DVR it, sad i know! i actually have a friend whose cousin literally did not know she was pregnant until two hours before the birth!

Rebekkah said...

Wow! I am really impressed that you are doing such hard work when you are 9 months pregnant! David is lucky to have your help. I can't wait to see the nursery!

Emily said...

Glad you are getting things checked off your list! I still have SO much to do...Hopefully it'll get done!