Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Friends

Yesterday we had our friends, the Arants, over for dinner. We took the opportunity to get some pictures of Aubrey and her little boyfriend, Carver ;) We got some cute ones, and I think these will be perfect for their rehearsal dinner. Haha!

At first, they were a little shy and nervous. Then they just gazed at each other.Then they warmed up for the camera.Aubrey made the first move, and Carver looks like he's not so sure about such a forward woman! :)In all seriousness, we do joke about Aubrey and Carver getting married, but I really hope these two will have a sweet little friendship. I have a feeling Aubrey will end up bossing Carver around at some point since he is going to be her little brother's BFF. Ha!


Nathalie said...

My gosh, those curls!! That smile!! She's adorable. And they make quite a cute couple indeed ;).

Rebekkah said...

I love this post! David got some really cute pictures. I love the one where they are both smiling.