Friday, July 2, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

... about Aubrey!

Aubrey is such a funny little girl. She literally cracks me up all the time with the cute things she says and does. When David comes home from work some days, I spend a good while just telling him all the adorable things she said that day :) (I'm sure no one else would find these things as cute, but that's the beauty of having another parent who thinks Aubrey is just as adorable as I do!) I wanted to write down some of the cute things she is doing right now, so we don't forget.

-Aubrey has this weird obsession with moles. My mom taught her what a mole is when Aubrey discovered a mole on my mom. Now she thinks any mark on someone's skin is a mole. She loves to point out all my freckles, etc. and say mole. The other day, she had fallen down and had a small scrape on her leg. She kept pointing to it over and over and saying mole. I think she was excited to have one! We think she could have a great career as a dermatologist.

-She LOVES little chairs. David and I plan on getting her one very soon, because she is so in love with them. Anytime we are in a store and we pass a chair, Aubrey starts pointing and screaming, "Rock, rock!" She could "rock" in a chair all day, whether the chair actually rocks or not. :)

-Aubrey still loves wearing bows, but she is very particular about which bows she wears. She is way too old to have her mother pick out a bow for her hair that actually matches her outfit. Her absolute favorite bows are these teeny, tiny ones that are probably made for a newborn. I just need to hide those, because they are the ones she picks every.single.time. Of course, those are also my least favorite ;)

-Every time I cough or sneeze, Aubrey says "sneeze." When she coughs, she pats herself on the back. So sweet!

-When she or someone else leaves a room, Aubrey says, "back back." Meaning, "I'll be right back."

-She loves it when we pass a lake or stream with water when we're in the car. Her absolute favorite is when we drive over water -- she gets so excited when we go over the reservoir. She has memorized where every little drop of water is on all of our normal routes, and when we start approaching them, she says "wa-wa" before they are even within eyesight. It's even more exciting when there are boats on the "wa-wa." When we are almost past or over the water, she says, "Bye-bye, wa-wa. Bye-bye, boats." Makes me smile every time.

-On that same note, she tells everything bye. When we see trucks on the road, she has to point them out, and when we pass them or vise verse, she is sure to say "bye-bye, truck." The other night David was taking her upstairs for bed, and I had just told her goodnight. As they passed the light switch on the wall, she said, "night-night, light." Haha!

-Aubrey understands what two means. When she sees two of anything, she holds her two pointer fingers up and says two. We bought a kiddie pool for her, and the box has been sitting in our kitchen. There is a picture with people playing in the pool. There is a man in the picture, and she always points to it and says daddy. Yesterday, David and I were sitting at the table talking, and Aubrey was looking at the box. She suddenly got really excited, pointed to the man in the picture and David, and said, "Two daddies!" I don't know if David was as amused as I was ;)

-One not-so-cute thing is her pacifier addiction. I've mentioned this before. She's always loved her paci, but it used to be "out of sight, out of mind." We could sneak it away and hide it, and she would forget about it until nap or bed time. Not anymore. She has to have that darn thing in her mouth at ALL times or she is whining and looking for it. She calls it her "bobby's." She walks around the house whining for "Aubey's bobby's." (That's how she pronounces her name -- she leaves out the "r" so it sound like she is saying Auburn's mascot. I don't think David minds that one bit! Ha.) When I put her down for her nap, she usually talks for a while before she goes to sleep. As long as she isn't crying, I leave her alone and she goes to sleep when she is ready. If she starts yelling, "Aubey's bobby's, Mommy!" I know that means we have a pacifier overboard and I might as well go on up and retrieve it ;)

-When she does something that she thinks is pretty cool, she claps for herself and says, "Yay, Aubey!"

-Aubrey is a bit OCD. She can't stand to see a pair of shoes laying around that aren't on someone's feet. She also closes all doors that are left open. If I'm in my bathroom getting ready, she has to close my bedroom door, my closet door, the bathroom door, and the door going into the toilet room. She also makes sure our baby gates are latched. If she notices one of them is not closed completely, she says, "gate!" and runs to latch it.

-This one might be TMI, but I think it's super cute. She calls a toilet a "tee tee." She knows what they're for! :) I was in a public restroom the other day, and of course I had her in the stall with me. She peeked into the next stall and excitedly said, "Two tee tees!" Ha!

-She is pretty good about cleaning up after herself. She usually puts her toys in the toy box when we tell her to. She also throws away trash. When she sees a paper towel or something, she gets it and says "way." That means she is throwing it away. If she spills some of her drink, she likes to wipe it up herself. Of course, I let her. Haha!

I could go on and on about things Aubrey does that I love, but this list is getting pretty long. Like I said, David and I probably think these are cuter than everybody else, but that's ok. :) It's so fun to watch her learn new things that we have purposely taught her and things that she has just picked up on by herself. I think one of the best things about being a parent is watching your child learn new things!


Amy said...

I'm not sure if i have ever commented before, but i have been a longtime lurker :) coming over from ashley and sarah denley's blogs....
anyway, i think these little stories of aubrey are adorable! my favorite is the "two tee-tees" haha.
also....the "bobby's" made me laugh, too. such a precious little personality. congrats on the upcoming birth of jude....hope you are feeling well!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie - I laughed at the two tee-tee's too! So funny. How old is Aubrey? Evie will be 18 months this month and it makes me excited for the coming months. Have you turned Aubrey forward in the car? We are planning to turn Evie soon and I am sure driving with her will be so much more entertaining!

Sarah Denley said...

Such sweet stories! I think watching them learn new things is so much fun, too! Although I miss the bitty baby stage (jealous of you), I love that I'm really starting to see what's going on in AP's mind!

I can't wait to see Aubrey's reaction to Jude. Does she call him Jude yet or bother, or anything at all??

Nathalie said...

Haha, these things are so cute!! It's so precious to see how their little minds work.. I totally agree that watching your kids learn is one of the best parts of being a parent!