Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week in Review: Long Days... and Nights.

So I have to be honest and say that this wasn't the best week. Aubrey was sick pretty much ALL week, and she wasn't sleeping through the night. Plus she was getting up early. I've been tired all week, and she has been grumpy. We made it through though, and she is on the mend! Yay! Here's to a better time next week!

Sunday: I stayed home from church with Aubrey that morning since she had a cold/fever, and David went to church and Sunday School. Aubrey and I had a nice morning at home. We just played together and then I cooked poppy seed chicken for lunch. We ate when David got home, and then Aubrey took a nap. It wasn't a really long one. She wasn't feeling well. Her fever broke at some point that day though, and we assumed she was on the mend. David and Aubrey stayed home that night, and I went to church. After church, I stayed to help decorate the church for VBS next week. Aubrey was in bed by the time I got home, and she had a pretty good night that night.

Monday: Aubrey woke up at around 5:30 crying. David went up and rocked her for a little while, and she went back to sleep until 8:30. David was off work for Memorial Day and let me sleep late. After I got up, I played with Aubrey while David went upstairs and started cutting the chair rail for Aubrey's room. Once he had it cut, Aubrey and I went upstairs and held it on the wall while he nailed it up. Thankfully, David had borrowed a nail gun from a friend, so it went really fast. I'm excited about how her room is coming together. Aubrey was fussy off and on all morning. We assumed it was because she still had a runny nose/congestion even though her fever was gone. She did take a nap, but she cried out several times during her nap. That afternoon, we went over to my parents' house. They were frying fish (and grilling chicken for me!). We had fun hanging out, and David and I were able to go to Home Depot without Aubrey and get blinds for her room. We ended up staying past Aubrey's bedtime, and we were hoping she would sleep really well. Wrong! She had an AWFUL night. She was up practically every hour just crying. We finally gave her Tylenol and she was able to sleep for about 3 straight hours.

Tuesday: After our terrible night, Aubrey was up for the day at 7. I knew something was bothering her, and I didn't want another night like that, so I called and made her a doctor's appointment. Sure enough, she had an ear infection in her right ear. Poor baby! I hope she hadn't had it too long! We assumed when her fever went away that she was getting well, but that was apparently not the case. We got her an antibiotic and hoped it would kick in fast! My family was out running errands, so we met them for lunch after we picked up Aubrey's medicine. I knew seeing them would cheer Aubrey up. When we got home, I gave Aubrey Tylenol and she went down for a good, long, solid nap. I was so happy she was getting good rest finally! While she slept, I sat on the cough and watched TV. Haha. I did straighten up the house a bit too ;-) When David got home from work, Aubrey was still asleep, but we heard her waking up, so he went upstairs to get her. She had an absolute screaming meltdown. I went up to see what was going on, and they were both just sitting in the floor, and Aubrey wouldn't let either one of us touch her. She was just sobbing and grabbing her ear. Finally, she let me pick her up and rock her. We gave her Tylenol and she calmed down just in time for me to leave for Bunco. I was worried that David was going to have an awful night with her, but he said she was pretty good. They had dinner with his parents, and I think that perked her up. I had fun at Bunco. I never win anything, but that night I was tied for most games AND most Buncos! I ended up winning most games, and then they drew my name for the door prize too. Exciting! Aubrey was asleep when I got home, and she only woke up once that night.

Wednesday: Aubrey slept until 7:30, which was the latest she had slept in a couple of days. She was in a pretty good mood, so we got ready and had lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton at Primos. We missed Ashley and Evy! We enjoyed our lunch though. Aubrey got pretty fussy towards the end because she was getting ready for her nap. She went right to sleep when we got home. I was SO tired myself and ended up taking a nap on the couch. Taking care of a sick child who isn't sleeping through the night is tiring! Aubrey had another meltdown when she woke up from her nap, but it wasn't as bad as the day before. Laying down must bother her ears the most. We went to church that night, and my mom and I decorated our crafts room for VBS next week. Aubrey went to bed when we got home, and David and I went to bed early too. Aubrey woke up 2 times that night :(

Thursday: Aubrey woke up for the day at 6:30, and she was none too happy. David had already left for Bible Study, and Aubrey and I had a rough morning. You know it's going to be a long day when you're at your wits end by 7:30AM. I just felt like Aubrey's ears weren't getting well as fast as they should be. I called David and asked him to try to get us an appointment with the chiropractor that day. I just wanted to try something. Anything! We ended up going to the chiropractor at 11, and he adjusted Aubrey. She fell asleep on the way home and woke up in a great mood. She went down easily for her nap, and I was hoping she was feeling better. She woke up crying after only an hour. I was able to rock her back to sleep, and she slept for a couple more hours. She woke up screaming again. She just seems like she is in so much pain when she wakes up. It's awful. I decided if she did that again, we were going back to the doctor. She eventually cheered up, and we went to karate with David. My parents weren't there because they were going to a birthday party. So Aubrey and I were on our own. We went to the mall during karate to get a couple of wedding gifts. My brothers came home with us after karate, and my parents picked them up at our house when they finished with their party.

Friday: I had decided that if Aubrey woke up in the middle of the night or woke up early crying inconsolably, I was taking her back to the doctor. Well... she slept through the night for the first time in over a week!! It was SO nice! She did wake up at 5:45 and 6:40, but both times David went into her room to comfort her, and she went back to sleep until 8:45. AND she was in a good mood when she woke up! Whoo! I cannot tell you how happy this made me. Thank you, Lord! I think the medicine, along with the chiropractor, finally kicked in. She was in a very pleasant mood all day, and I just enjoyed it. We made a Target run that morning, but other than that, we had a relaxing day at home. I tried to catch up on some housework during her nap, since I've been napping a lot myself all week due to not getting a full nights sleep. Aubrey woke up in a great mood from her nap too -- no crying! :) David was going to be in a wedding the next day, so he got home a little later than usual because he had been at the rehearsal. After he got home, I got ready and my mom and brothers came over to stay with Aubrey while David and I went to the rehearsal dinner. We had a nice time, and my mom said Aubrey was great and went to bed easily.

Saturday: David got up with Aubrey (she slept until 8 -- not too shabby) and then he had to get ready to go to the wedding when I got up. He had to be there early for pictures and other best man duties :) Aubrey and I just hung around the house all morning, and I put her down for a nap after lunch. I then got myself ready for the wedding. It was an outdoor wedding right in the middle of Aubrey's nap, so we knew taking her would be a disaster! My mom and grandmother came over, and my grandmother stayed with Aubrey (who was still asleep) while my mom was sweet enough to drive me to the wedding so that I could ride home with David. The wedding was beautiful and quite hot! Thankfully, they gave everyone fans, which helped a lot. After the wedding, we enjoyed the reception. We stayed until the bitter end since David was the best man. After the reception was over, we came home to relieve our babysitters! Aubrey was happy to see us. We grabbed a light dinner at Corner Bakery, and then David's mom and her friend, Cathy, came over to see our house. Cathy is a family friend who has been here for several months, but she is leaving Monday and wanted to see our house before she left. Aubrey loved showing off her house. Haha, she is too cute! When they left, we put Aubrey to bed, and now I think I've put off going to the grocery store as long as I can! :)

Next week is going to be BUSY! We have VBS at church, and I'm helping. I think it will be fun, but I may need a nap after getting home everyday! Haha.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

You have had a week! I have learned that ear infections are never fun. Hope Aubrey continues to feel better.