Friday, June 18, 2010

From Baby to Little Girl: Part II

At last, I can post pictures again! I started this post a couple of weeks ago before I realized I couldn't upload anymore pictures to our computer, but we haven't made any drastic progress since then, so I'm just going to use the pictures I took a few weeks ago. We are finally starting to feel like the end is in sight for Aubrey's room to be complete!

I don't know if you'll really be able to tell a big difference from last time I posted pictures, but I want to document the process, so I'm posting these anyway! :) Oh, we have been referring to this room as Aubrey's "new room." (Remember, she is currently in the room that will remain the nursery.) When we pass the room or spend any time in there, we say, "Aubrey, this is your new room!" Now she has started referring to it as just "room." She will point in there and say "room!" She seems to really like being in there, which is good!

We finished the painting! (For the most part... we still need to touch up some of the white.) I love the sweet pink color!David hung the chair rail. This made the room feel SO much more finished. (When these pictures were taken, he hadn't caulked any of the chair rail yet.) (We've also cut in around the ceiling where it was still green since these pictures were taken.)He also has to add the molding boxes on the walls. I think this will make it look even better!My grandmother made these window treatments, and I think they turned out precious! I have to add that, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with valances, they usually aren't my preferred way to treat a window. I thought valances would really work best in this room though because of the window seats. I was worried about whether or not I would like them, but I think they're super cute for a little girl's room. :)We have hung blinds in the windows now for light control. I just love this fabric. I bought it a year ago, but I love it just as much now as I did then! I have a lot more ideas for this room that I'm excited about implementing! We are painting the crib we plan on using in Aubrey's room this weekend, so hopefully we will be able to move her into her new room in the very near future! The sooner we move her, the sooner we can BEGIN working on Jude's room :-)

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Nathalie said...

This room looks so sweet! A perfect room for a little girl to grow up in.

I love love love the chair rail and the combination of white & pink! I definitely want to add more detail like this (railing, trim, moulding and panelling) in our next house :).