Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week in Review: There and Back Again

This week was busy! I feel like it consisted of coming home from one trip, unpacking, and getting ready for another trip. Next week is mine and David's trip to the beach! We are looking forward to it, and I know Aubrey will have a blast with her grandparents and uncles!

Sunday: We went to church, but we left before Sunday School. We got on the road headed to Tennessee as soon as church was over. We stopped for lunch and a couple more times to let me walk around a little (doctor's orders!) but we made good time. We got to Tennessee around 6:45, checked into our hotel, and went to dinner with David's family. After dinner, we hung out in our hotel room for a while and then attempted bedtime. Aubrey didn't make it in the hotel crib and ended up sleeping with David and me.

Monday: We got up early and got ready to head to David's grandmother's visitation and funeral. Aubrey did pretty well through all of that. I sat in a room with her where she could still play, but I could also hear what was going on. After the funeral, we went to the graveside. I didn't realize that it would be freezing in Tennessee, and I didn't pack any weather appropriate clothing for us. I sat in the car with Aubrey for some of the time at the graveside. We went to lunch with family and friends after that. By this point, Aubrey was pretty tired, but she actually did well at lunch. When lunch was over, we headed to Huntsville so we wouldn't have as far to drive home the next day. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get to Huntsville, and Aubrey slept the whole way. Whoo! We found a hotel in Huntsville, changed clothes, rested a little while, and then went over to David's sister, Joy's, house where the rest of his family was staying. We hung out and visited for a while, and then we went to dinner at Cheddar's. By that point, we were all tired after a long day, and David, Aubrey, and I went back to our hotel and went to bed after dinner.

Tuesday: We slept in and got all packed up and ready to go. We checked out of our hotel and left Huntsville a little after 11. Aubrey was fussy off and on for the first couple of hours of the trip. Nothing too bad, I just had to hand her toys to play with as she would get bored. We stopped for lunch at an Applebee's and then got back on the road. Aubrey fell asleep shortly after we got back in the car after lunch and slept almost 3 hours. That was perfect, because we were less than 30 minutes from home when she woke up. We were all SO glad to arrive home safely. Aubrey immediately wanted to go play in the backyard with the dog. David unloaded the car and then played outside with Aubrey while I went to go pick up something for dinner. A trip to the grocery store was desperately needed, but I put it off until another day :) While we ate dinner, I watched the Dancing with the Stars results show. After dinner, it was Aubrey's bedtime.

Wednesday: We all slept great in our own beds, and Aubrey even slept really late! Traveling apparently wears her out. When she woke up, we got ready for a lunch playdate at Ashley's house. It was so much fun, as always! Ashley, Sarah Denley, and I all watched each other's wedding DVDs. I loved seeing their weddings! I'm sad to say Aubrey was a bully while we were there though. :( She wasn't very nice to Ann Peyton or Evy. I even had to take her in another room to spank her when she shoved Evy down one time. Aubrey acted a little better after that. I was mortified that she acted like that, but Ashley and SD were understanding. Aubrey really does know how to play sweet, she just needs to be reminded sometimes :) We ended up staying at Ashley's house for a long time, and I was afraid we had missed the "nap window" but Aubrey kept up her streak and slept! Yay! David came home, and we had to wake Aubrey up for church. I had my last Bible Study on Respectable Sins, and I really enjoyed the study. It was very convicting, and I know I have a lot of "respectable sins" in my life that I need to work on.

Thursday: I was supposed to go to a children's consignment sale with SD that morning, but we found out at the last minute that it had been canceled :( I was disappointed! Aubrey and I ended up just staying home all day instead. She got up early that morning, and I was so sleepy all day. Aubrey only took a 30 minute nap though, so that meant no nap for me! I did some laundry and straightening, but that was about all I accomplished. We went to karate with David, and my grandmother came with my mom so she could go shopping with us. We went to the mall. When we got home, I cooked tacos while David put Aubrey to bed.

Friday: Aubrey slept late, thankfully. I got ready for David's grandmother's memorial service while she was still asleep. When Aubrey woke up, I bathed her. She decided to go to the bathroom in the bathtub -- yuck! I ended up having to give her a shower because I didn't have time to deal with the bathtub. She hates showers. This incident ended up throwing our whole morning off, and we were running a bit late by the time we were finally able to walk out the door. We did make it though, and Aubrey was quiet through the whole service. I was very pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to take her out! After the service, there was a lunch that we went to. It was good! Aubrey took a nice nap when we got home, and I did some things around the house in preparation for our trip next week. David was really late getting home from work because he had to wrap a lot of things up since he won't be at work next week. When he got home, we had dinner at Primos and then went to the grocery store to get food for Aubrey for next week. That night, I cleaned out the freezer and refrigerator. Much needed! I spent the rest of the evening watching a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Such a thrilling Friday night. Haha.

Saturday: Aubrey was up bright and early! Thankfully, her sweet daddy got up with her and let mommy sleep :) Once I got up, I got ready and Aubrey and I went shopping. That gave David some alone time at home to get some stuff done around the house that he had been wanting to do. Aubrey and I met my mom, and we went to several stores. It started pouring rain at one point, and we got soaked. After we finished shopping, I took Aubrey home for a nap, and I went back to Target without her. I needed to get some stuff for our trip. When I got home, we got ready to go to dinner at David's parents house. We had a very good dinner and a fun time! Aubrey had a blast playing with the toys at her grandparents house! :) Now Aubrey is in bed, and I'm about to start packing!

I'm hoping to update the blog while we're on vacation next week. If I don't get to though, I hope yall have a good week, and I should have lots of pictures to post when we get back! :)


Ashley said...

Have a wonderful time--you deserve it! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Courtney said...

Have a fun and safe trip!

Sarah Denley said...

Have SO much fun!