Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aubrey thinks hotels are fun!

Aubrey loved checking out the hotel crib. She would walk up to it and want us to put her in it to play.When it came time for sleeping though, she much preferred Mommy and Daddy's bed.I think the highlight of the whole trip for Aubrey was the elevator. She LOVED it! She had a whole little system. First, she and her baby would wait patiently for the door to open to get on the elevator.
Next, she would gently place her baby on the floor of the elevator.
Then she would stand in the corner and hold on for dear life for the wild elevator ride!!
When all the excitement was over, she would retrieve her baby from the floor and exit the elevator. Who knows how many hours of entertainment this would have provided if we had allowed it. I think now that Aubrey has mastered the elevator ride, she is ready to graduate to a roller coaster! Haha.

(In case you noticed, yes, Aubrey has a black eye in these pictures. She fell and hit her eyebrow bone on the table. Also, we had gotten really good about only letting her have her pacifier when she was sleeping, but as you can see in the pictures, we've regressed. We'll brake her of that habit one of these days.)

I'm so glad Aubrey had such a fun time staying in a hotel! I happen to love traveling and staying in hotels myself, so this should work out nicely! :)

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Ashley said...

I LOVE that huge smile. So sweet!