Monday, May 3, 2010

Seaside: Day 1

I thought it would be a good idea to document our trip daily if possible instead of trying to do one huge post when we get home. So here goes... Day 1:

Our trip to the beach started out a little rough this morning. I was pretty much in meltdown mode about leaving Aubrey. I knew this would happen when it came time to leave her, but I also knew I would be fine as soon as we were turning off of our street. I was still sad this morning though. In the midst of my moping about leaving my baby, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Lovely. I fished it out and took it apart hoping it would dry off and recover. Also, the service engine soon light had come on in my car, and we were planning on letting my family drive my car with Aubrey's carseat in it while we were gone. So David took it to get it checked out this morning. (The light ended up going off on it's own -- we think the gas cap wasn't screwed all the way in from the last time we got gas.)

Everything ended up working out just fine -- when my mom and brothers got over to our house so we could leave, Aubrey wouldn't give me the time of day anymore. She did a heartwarming thing when I tried to pick her up and hug her before we left -- she screamed for me to put her down. Have to admit, that made it slightly less sad to leave. Haha. I know she will have a blast while we're gone. Plus, my phone recovered from it's swim! Yay!

David and I had an uneventful trip and are now in the sunny state of Florida. Except it's not sunny. We have been in torrential downpours since we crossed the Florida state line. I thought we should pull over on the side of road it was raining so hard at one point. We made it safely though, and the rain is supposed to clear out tomorrow or the next day. I love a rainy night anyway! :)

I was a little nervous about how we would like the place we are staying. It's a little Inn, and the pictures looked super cute, but you just never know. It turns out we LOVE it! It's adorable!! It's decorated with Vera Bradly decor, and I totally want to decorate my house like this now. Haha. Here are some pictures. (Sorry if they're dark -- it's a dreary and rainy out.)

The common area downstairs:

Our room:
My super cute complimentary Vera Bradly bag that I got for staying here!
Complimentary bottle of champagne. Too bad I can't partake because of baby Jude :)
They felt sorry for me and gave me fancy water instead! Haha.
Sitting on the front porch:
Precious garden:

David and I had a delicious dinner, and then we rode around the town a little to get a feel for it. Now we are back in the room, and we're thinking about watching a movie. We miss our baby girl, but I've talked to my mom, and she is doing fine. We are happy to be here!


Ashley said...

I'm glad you're going to be updating--I love hearing about trips! The Inn looks precious--so excited for you :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Sounds like so much fun. We are thinking of going to Seaside in July. Enjoy your trip!