Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seaside: Day 4

Ok, so yeah, it turns out I was a little more sunburned than I realized :( Apparently, the sunscreen I wore yesterday just STUNK because I applied it twice in 2 hours. I'm not burned all over -- it's very uneven. This might be a problem if I tanned, but when I fade back to my usual whiteness, it won't matter. Haha. Anyway, because I was still pretty burnt today, we were kind of at a loss as to what to do. I wanted to go to the beach, but I really didn't think I needed to be in the sun anymore, and it's too much trouble to go to the beach for 20 minutes, in my opinion. We ended up just going to get lunch at a Taco Bar and then going to the pool for a little while. I sat under an umbrella and left my t-shirt on, but it was still enjoyable. My burn BETTER be faded tomorrow, because I am going to the beach!! Period.

We thought we would just see another movie today, but David wanted to see Iron Man 2 and it doesn't come out until midnight. So, we decided to go back to the outlet mall to exchange an outfit we got for Aubrey the other day that I decided looked too small. It worked out well because I ended up getting an outfit that I like better that they didn't have her size in the other day. Yay! We also went shoe shopping for David, and he got 2 pair that he really needed.

We were ready for dinner by about 4:15, but I said we had to wait until at LEAST 5. I mean, come on! Ha. So we drove around a while and then ate at Landry's Seafood in Destin. It was good, and we were about the only people in there.

When we got back to Seaside, we walked around again, and went to the beach since the sun was going down.
We wrote messages in the sand for our babies :)

I wanted to take a picture of our feet, but this was all I could get, so I thought I should let David take the picture ;-)

That's better. (You can see how red and splotchy I am -- gross!)

Footprints in the sand.

Since we had such an early dinner, we thought some ice cream was in order. We got gelato, and it was SO good!!
Now we are going to watch a movie. Even though we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves today, we had fun just talking and hanging out together. Like I said though, we are going to the beach tomorrow even if I have to lay under a towel, because tomorrow is our last day :( We are excited to see Aubrey though. We talked to her on the phone today, and her little voice is just the sweetest sound EVER!!


Ashley said...

Kurt and I had gelato tonight too! So yummy. I know you'll enjoy the beach tomorrow---max out your last day!

Paige said...

lloks like your having fun!! pregnancy (among all the other strange things) does make your skin more apt to burn!! so it probably wasn't bad sunscreen, just your preggo skin!!