Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seaside: Day 3

We had another fun day! We slept in, ate breakfast, and then hit the beach! The weather was beautiful! I have been a little surprised at how hot it's been. I thought coming in early May would mean it wouldn't be hot. Not so! Glad we're not here in August! We read and relaxed on the beach for about 2 hours or so. David dug a hole in the sand so I could still lay on my stomach. Ha!
After we had had enough of the beach for the day, we took an ice cream break and then went to the pool. I really enjoyed the pool because it wasn't crowded at all. The water was freezing though! After all that, we decided that we should get out of the sun. I got a little burnt. I'm pretty splotchy -- ughh! We got ready for dinner and went to eat Mexican in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We ate at Cantino Laredo and it was SO good! We got the best guacamole that they made tableside. Mmm. We walked around an outdoor mall after dinner. We went in an adorable children's clothing store, and they had the most precious clothes, but they were ridiculous! They had a pair of baby jeans for $75!!!

When we got back to Seaside after dinner, we walked around town. I LOVE Seaside! It's too cute!!
We went to the beach and walked around and took some pictures of the beautiful sunset. Because we always take my belly picture on Wednesday night, here is baby Jude at 29 weeks on the beach! :) Thankfully, Aubrey is still doing great with my family! I'm so glad, because I have so much more fun when I know she is doing ok!


Ashley said...

You look adorable, and it looks like so much fun! Yay! I'm about to blog about our traveling day to about a comedy of errors...ugh! haha!

Sarah Denley said...

So here's the deal, I'm not getting pregnant anytime soon because you are such a cute pregnant girl it makes me sick :)

Also, that pic of David at the pool is beyond hilarious. Y'all are precious.

Nathalie said...

Aww this looks like SO much fun!! Glad to hear the sun came out and that Aubrey is doing well :).

Looking great Carrie!