Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seaside: Day 2

David and I had a super fun day today! We woke up this morning to cloudy, overcast skies and decided to pass on the beach today. Instead, we had a nice, leisurely breakfast in the dining room of our Inn.
After breakfast, we walked around Seaside a little bit. We then went to look at the beach. There was no one on the beach, and the water was extremely rough. We knew we had made a good choice to save the beach for another day. We did walk along in the sand for a little ways.

We came back to our room, got ready, and headed to Destin to shop! And shop we did. All day. We ate lunch at Panera and then hit up the outlet mall. We walked from one end of that thing to the other and back again. We were pretty tired by the time we finished! We got some good deals though. We got some cute play clothes for Aubrey, which she was really in need of. We even got a couple of things for Jude :)

After all that shopping, we were ready to sit for a while, so we saw a movie. We saw Date Night, and it was pretty funny! I had a laugh attack at one point almost had to leave the theater I was laughing so hard and causing a scene. It wasn't that funny! Ha.

We were ready for dinner when the movie was over, so we ate at Hard Rock Cafe. Yum!

Because we hadn't done enough shopping and walking around, we shopped some more after dinner at Destin Commons. We just window shopped this time. When we couldn't take anymore walking, we headed back. Now we're just relaxing in our room, and I'm amazed that my ankles aren't as big as elephant feet!

My mom said Aubrey is doing great! She is sleeping when she should and eating well. That's a relief! My mom said that Aubrey has been saying "Mommy" every once in a while. Awww. I miss her! David and I are having a great time though. The sun ended up coming out today, so we're hoping to spend some time on the beach tomorrow!


Sarah Denley said...

So, I'm guessing your Vera cottage has WiFi, or how are you posting? Just curious.

Sounds like y'all are having a blast!

Carrie said...

Yes, it does! :) We are having fun! Can't wait to see you when we get back!