Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey, Baby

Yesterday Aubrey and I were in Target. She was in the buggy, and I was looking at something and not really paying attention to what she was saying. Then I noticed she kept saying "baby" and pointing. I looked at the "baby" she was pointing to, and it was a little boy who looked like he was around 4 or so.

The little boy noticed that he was being called a "baby" and he did not like that one bit. He started saying loudly, "Mommy, that little girl is calling me a BABY! I'm not a baby am I, Mommy?! Tell that little girl I'm not a baby!" The louder he got, the louder Aubrey insisted that he was indeed a baby. I finally decided it would be best if Aubrey and I went and looked somewhere else for the time being.

As we strolled away, I heard the little boy say, "Mommy, I'm not a baby. I'm a big boy, right?" To which his mom replied, "Well, why don't you act like one?" She looked at me and rolled her eyes as she said this. Hahaha.

I couldn't help but think that I'm sure we'll be on the opposite side of this in no time at all.

A few minutes later, we passed a little girl about the same age, and Aubrey pointed at her and said "Aubrey." Hehe.


J. Henry said...

That is hilarious!!! Tormenting boys already!

Christy said...

Too funny!

Layton (who is 4) JUST had the same conversation with me. Calling a 4 year old little boy a baby is a HUGE deal to them. Aubrey knew just how to press his buttons ;)