Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I have had a sweet Mother's Day, but would you believe we didn't take a single picture?! Ahh, it's ok. David gave me the best gift, but I'll blog about it later. :)

Right now, I am just so overwhelmed with thankfulness for the precious little girl who calls me "Mommy" and for the little boy who we haven't met yet but that I love so much already. Today is a day to honor mothers, but I really feel like I should have spent the day (and every day) on my knees thanking God for entrusting these little lives to David and me. What an honor! Motherhood certainly isn't glamorous, and it isn't always fun, but it is my calling, and there is nothing I would rather be doing.

On the way home from church tonight, Aubrey was fussy, but she didn't want any of the toys I handed her. So, as I often do when she is fussy, I put my hand on her leg and she calmed instantly. This is an extremely uncomfortable position for me, because I'm in the front passenger seat slightly turned with my arm stretched behind me, and my arm goes to sleep after a minute. But if I try to move my arm off of her leg, she gets upset again. Tonight though, as my arm was tingling and numb, I thought about how sweet it is that Aubrey wants my hand on her. Not just anyone's touch would soothe her. She wants her Mommy. And suddenly, I didn't even notice how uncomfortable I was. I was just so in awe of this mother/child bond, and I realized what a gift that is. Aubrey may (and does!) love other people, and even prefer them over me sometimes, but at the end of the day when she is tired or not feeling well, the one person she wants to hold her is her mother. I'm full of thankfulness to be that person to her.

Tonight at church, we had a time of prayer, and someone prayed, "Lord, thank you that you love us even more than our mothers do." It wasn't until I was a mother myself that I could really understand the enormity of that statement. But now that I do, it leaves me speechless.

All I can do is praise God for letting me be a mother and for loving me even more than I could ever love my children.


Ashley said...

SO, so sweet. You expressed it so well! There's nothing better than when your baby responds to you :) xoxo!

KTElltt said...

I always have to hold Addie's foot in the car. Don't know why it works but it started when she was tiny and now that she's four, if she's tired in the car, she takes her shoe off, sticks her foot out and say, "Mom, hold my foot, please!" I humor her but it does get hard on my arm too. And Amen that God loves us more than our moms. That's hard to fathom...