Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 weeks

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today. Just wow. This pregnancy has FLOWN! I was telling David that I couldn't believe we only had 10 weeks until the baby comes, and he said that sounded like no time at all because he thinks of it in terms of only 10 Saturdays to get things ready! Haha. We haven't done a thing to Jude's room. Currently, Aubrey is in the room that will remain the nursery. We are moving her to another room and transitioning it to her "big girl" room. We found a crib in our attic, and we're going to check it out, and if it's safe we will put her in that. She still sleeps great in a crib and has never tried to climb out, so I hated to move her to a toddler bed just because Jude was going to need the crib. I think it will work out really well to keep her in a crib for a while longer and transition her straight to her big girl bed when she is ready. So, we are starting on her room this weekend! We can't move her to her new room until we paint it, and we can't paint Jude's room until we move Aubrey. Ahhh, so much to do in 10 Saturdays! Stayed tuned for work in progress pictures!

Anyway, I went to the doctor today and everything looked great. The baby's heart rate was 138 BPM. My pregnancies have followed the old wives tale about girl's heart rates being higher and boy's lower. I go to the doctor every 2 weeks now.

As far as pregnancy symptoms, there aren't really any new ones to report. I'm still feeling great. More tired than when I'm not pregnant, but that's to be expected. My ankles swell a little if I walk around a lot. My ribs and pelvic bone hurt sometimes but nothing too terrible. Jude moves a lot. I feel like I'm close to the same size, but a little bigger, as I was at this stage with Aubrey. Agree?

30 weeks with Aubrey
30 weeks with JudeThings are moving right along as they should be, and we're getting excited to meet this little guy! Hopefully we can get the rooms finished first though!


Sarah Denley said...

what? what? the hearty pioneer woman gets tired sometimes when she's pregnant? unbelievable.

Carrie said...

Yeah, even big women get tired sometimes, SD. Ha!