Friday, April 23, 2010

Irrational Fears

David and I always say that Aubrey is fearless. I think that's pretty normal at this age, but there is not a cautious bone in her body. It literally scares me how fearless she is... she isn't afraid of anything. Or so we though. Today when we were having a playdate at Sarah Denley's house, I discovered that my brave baby does have a debilitating fear after all:That's right, she was terrified of Sarah Denley's sweet cat! The cat wasn't around for the first half of the playdate, but then he (or she?) came into the room, and Aubrey FREAKED OUT. She screamed and did this little scared dance and practically climbed up my legs. You would have thought a lion had just walked into the room. It was really pitiful, and I felt bad for her after I stopped laughing hysterically. I wasn't laughing at her fear, mind you. That really wasn't funny. It was just such a surprising reaction, especially since big dogs don't phase Aubrey. She loves our dog more than just about anything, and she laughs when he jumps on her and sometimes even knocks her over. She loves other dogs too -- it isn't just our familiar dog. This little cat didn't even get near her. She freaked out at just the sight of him.

For pretty much the rest of the time we were there, Aubrey sat beside me on the couch and refused to get down even though SD put the cat in another room. I have to admit, it was nice having her just sit with me. Maybe we should get a cat... haha!


Ashley said...

Funniest thing EVER.

Sarah Denley said...

okay, The General does look a little scarier that your Google Images cat, but....

I'm sure I looked pretty redic when I tried to demonstrate for Peyton exactly what Aubrey did when she saw him.