Monday, April 5, 2010

Discovering Horses

As I mentioned in my week in review post, on Saturday we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a crawfish boil. Aubrey LOVES all things that involve being outside, so I knew she would have a blast. She was especially thrilled when her grandfather and uncles took her to see the horses. (Daddy went too, but he was the photographer!) (Speaking of David, he said when Aubrey saw the horses, she was probably thinking, "That's the biggest dang dog I've ever seen!" Haha.)My brothers are so sweet to her. I think they are wrapped around her finger :)My little country girl!Up next: Easter pictures! Aubrey looked SO pretty in her Easter clothes!


J. Henry said...

Look at those curles! And what a cute outfit... hotty toddy! Ha!!

I can't believe she wasn't scared of the horses... brave baby!

J. Henry said...

Sometimes I wonder about myself.... ahem... curls!