Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting Easter pictures. Unfortunately, Aubrey came down with a yucky cold yesterday, so she has been a bit high maintenance. I think it's just all the pollen getting to her -- hopefully she will get over this quickly! Anyway, we didn't get any pictures of the three of us this Easter :( I guess that's what happens when you're busy hosting lunch! Also, these shots of Aubrey are all action shots -- that's about the only thing we get of her these days, but you get the idea :)

I know it looks like she has been sleeping in this dress for 2 weeks, but I really did iron it! This was after church and lots of playing and riding in the car had taken place.
I think she looked SO sweet in her Easter clothes. :) And yes, we let her play outside with the dog in her Easter clothes.

Knightly had lots of fun chasing Aubrey's ball around the yard. Aubrey had fun getting kisses from Knightly.

Tickle, tickle!
Aubrey loved being pushed in the swing by Uncle John.
This one cracks me up -- they both have the same look on their faces.
We had a wonderful Easter!


Nathalie said...

I love her dress!! So pretty :). It's too bad you didn't get any family pictures this year.. Your pics from last year's Easter are so sweet!

p.s. Your backyard looks AMAZING (large, private, beautiful trees..). Puts me in the mood for some backyard family BBQ's!

David Howie said...

It's hard to do anything but action shots when she cries if you hold her still.

Are she and Johnny yawning or singing?

J. Henry said...

I feel like I comment way too much on your blog... but I can't help it! I am in love with her Easter dress! So pretty! She is such a sweet girl.

Ashley said...

How adorable!! I know I'm in for it once Evy can walk/run. I'm biding my time. So cute!

Joy and Chris said...

I know the feeling - we didn't get any pics of the 3 of us this year either! and Caroline's not even walking! but Aubrey looks precious in her dress and I love her lacy socks and white shoes :)