Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week in Review: Home Bodies

This was kind of a long week. Not a bad one, just a little boring. We stayed home a lot more than we normally do. Thankfully, that meant Aubrey took some good naps, so that was a plus! I think next week we'll try to get out more though :)

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. It was the last day of our Missions Conference, and our guest preacher was great! We had missionaries talking to our class during Sunday School. After Sunday School, we had a church wide lunch with all the missionaries. When we got home from lunch, it was naptime for all of us :) Thankfully, Aubrey cooperated. That night, we went back to church. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with David, Rebekkah, and baby Carver. It was really fun, except for the fact that Aubrey was not on her best behavior towards the end. In all fairness to her, it was past her bedtime by the time we finished. David and I still haven't figured out the best way to discipline her in public. This parenting thing is hard! Anyway, David and Rebekkah are super sweet and were very understanding about Aubrey's meltdown, but I wouldn't blame them if they got in the car and said a prayer that their baby doesn't act like that when he's Aubrey's age. Ha! :)

Monday: Aubrey slept in -- yay! I am LOVING this sleeping late she's been doing lately. I'm enjoying it while I can, because I know that once I have two babies the chances of me getting to sleep late are pretty much zero. Anyway, we went to the grocery store that morning, and hung out at home the rest of the day. No nap. That afternoon was when we had the pill scare. We went to karate with David that night, and we went to the mall with my mom and brother. I bought some Ked's for Aubrey since she has outgrown all of her shoes. She's a 5 1/2 or 6 now -- so big! We came home and ate BBQ chicken for supper.

Tuesday: This day got off to a rough start. Aubrey woke up early, and David was still at home, so he went upstairs to bring her down to me. She was so clingy to him though. He couldn't put her down without her freaking out. So he held her while he made my coffee and got his stuff together to leave. He finally had to put her down so he could leave for work, and she LOST it. I mean, she screamed like I have rarely seen her scream. She didn't want me anywhere near her. She just clung to David's legs. It was really pitiful. David felt awful, but he had to go to work. As soon as he was out of sight, she turned it off and was fine. So weird. She was fussy on and off all morning because she was tired from waking up early. I decided to skip Bible Study that day since her mood was so fragile. I didn't want to subject the nursery workers to that kind of moodiness :) I was sad to miss though. I was able to put Aubrey down for her nap early, and she slept for almost 3 hours. That was MUCH needed sleep. While she slept, I cleaned up the house since she had trashed it while playing all morning. I also just sat and read a book. So nice. We didn't go anywhere after she woke up. Just stayed home all day. When David got home, Aubrey was happy to see him like she always is, but not overly excited considering her meltdown when he left that morning. She was actually more clingy to me than him that evening. Silly girl. We ate taco soup for dinner and had a low-key evening at home. I watched Dancing with the Stars (Kate drives me crazy!) and 19 Kids and Counting. After Aubrey went to bed, I was craving a Sonic cherry sprite, so I went and got one :)

Wednesday: This was just a better version of the day before. Aubrey didn't wake up so early, we ran some errands that morning (Target and Kroger), and she took a 3 hour nap. Good day! I got some laundry done while she napped. I discovered that Aubrey has 2 more teeth that have broken through -- I'm blaming her moodiness the day before on them. We weren't having church that night because we were having a Maundy Thursday service instead, so David mowed the grass for the first time (at our new house) when he got home. It looks much better! We had breakfast for dinner -- quiche, bacon, and homemade waffles. Yum. I watched American Idol, and we just enjoyed another quiet night at home.

Thursday: David leaves the house before the crack of dawn (literally) on Thursdays to go to a men's Bible study, and I was rudely awakened at 5:30 by our dog barking. He would.not.shut.up and I was SO annoyed. I finally had to get up and go put him in his kennel in the garage. Then I couldn't go back to sleep for an hour. Thankfully, Aubrey let me sleep late :) We got up and got ready and met my mom and brothers for lunch and shopping. We were shopping for Easter stuff. We shopped ALL afternoon. It was fun but tiring. My ankles were a bit swollen that evening from all the walking. This day also confirmed that this is going to be a miserable summer. I was burning up in the 80 degree weather; how will I manage 100+ degrees and 9 months pregnant? Lots of staying inside! I've done this before, I can do it again! :) Anyway, we had a communion service at church that night for Maundy Thursday. We met David at church. After church, we went to dinner with my parents and some friends at Cracker Barrel. Fun, fun!

Friday: David was off work since it was good Friday. All three of us slept in -- it was awesome! I met Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch. Aubrey was sad to miss, but she stayed home with her daddy :) We had lots of fun at lunch, and I was happy to see AP on her first birthday! So exciting! After lunch, I ran some errands while I was childless. I went to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and See Saw's. When I got home, David went and mowed the backyard. That night we ate Mexican for dinner. After dinner we went to Target and Wal-Mart. After Aubrey went to bed, David and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife. Note to self: sad movies and pregnancy hormones should not be mixed. Ugh, I'm still depressed over that dumb movie.

Saturday: We got up this morning and worked on doing things around the house, because we're having company tomorrow for Easter. This afternoon, we went to Hazelhurst for a crawfish boil at my aunt and uncle's house. Aubrey had SO much fun. She loved running around in the country. She saw her first horses. We got some cute pictures that I'll post soon. The 4-wheeler terrified her. She cried when she heard it. Haha, poor baby. We came home this evening, and she was exhausted. She went to bed early tonight! David and I are going to finish up our preparations for lunch tomorrow, and then probably go to bed ourselves. It was a fun day but a long one!

I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter tomorrow! Hallelujah, He is risen!

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