Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventures in Traveling with a 19 Month Old

We are home from our trip to Tennessee and Alabama for David's grandmother's funeral. It was a really quick trip (we left Sunday and came back today) with lots of driving. Aubrey did great though! Considering the fact that she spent over 14 hours in the car in the span of 3 days, didn't get to sleep in her own bed, got way off her schedule, ate just about every meal no less than an hour and a half later than normal, and was completely in unfamiliar places, I don't think we could have asked for her to do any better than she did. Of course, she wasn't perfect, but we were pleased.

I must say, I'm so happy that Aubrey is asleep in her own bed as I type. David and I were really terrified about how the two nights away from home would go. We got a crib at the hotel, but Aubrey screamed and screamed when we put her in it. I think she was scared we were going to leave her. We didn't want to let her cry too long, because we knew she would disturb other people. So, we ended up putting her in the bed with us. She thought this was great fun and was happy as a clam. The only problem was that she thought it was play time instead of sleep time. David and I figured out the first night that we just had to lay there and ignore her and she would eventually go to sleep. That was working fine until she accidentally head-butted me and practically cracked my eyebrow bone. I had to do some deep breathing to keep from loosing my cool and yelling at her to go to sleep! Haha. Once she finally went to sleep, we all slept relatively well. It's a good thing we had a king size bed since Aubrey slept sideways between David and me! :) I think we're all going to enjoy being in our own beds tonight though!

We're glad we were able to be there for the funeral, but we are glad to be home now! I'll post some pictures tomorrow after I get them on the computer :)

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