Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week in Review: Date Nights!

We've had another busy, fun week. By the way, when I say our week was busy I mean that we had at least one fun activity to do everyday. Not that we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Haha. I would probably describe that as crazy or insane. Just wanted to be sure you were clear on my terminology :) Anyway, on to our week:

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. We had a special women only Sunday School class that day to talk about all the different ministries our church does and how we can get involved. David gave a little talk about the karate ministry. Haha. Not sure if we'll have any women wanting to get involved in that one :) When we got home from church we had pork loin for lunch. That was also when Aubrey got the pea stuck up her nose. She took a great nap that afternoon -- the best nap she's taken on a Sunday in a very long time. David and I took a nap too. We went back to night church, and we had our fellowship/snack time after church.

Monday: Typical Monday -- lots of laundry and housework. More laundry than housework though :) Not necessarily the most fun day of the week, but it's always nice to have clean clothes. Haha. We went to karate that evening with David. During karate we went to Target with my mom and brother.

Tuesday: We got up early and got ready to go to Bible Study. It was good, but I felt a little lost since I had missed the week before because of our sonogram. Oh well, I still enjoyed it. After Bible Study we all ate lunch at church. I forgot to pack a lunch, so I had to run to Wendy's to get something for Aubrey and me. Ugh, hopefully I can remember next time! Aubrey had fun playing with all of her little friends, and it wore her out. She took a good nap when we got home. While she napped I straightened up the house and rested. That night I went to Bunco. I rode with Rebekkah and we went the Natchez Trace. We literally missed a huge deer that ran out in front of the car by about an inch. We both screamed! Haha. Thank God we missed the deer. Bunco was so much fun, as always. I didn't win anything as usual :( We ended up staying really late talking. I didn't get home until 11. Poor David had to wait up for me because I didn't have my house keys and he had started to hang our new chandelier in the living room, and he needed me to tell him how high to hang it. He got it hung, and it looks good! I think it was 1:00 before we got to sleep though.

Wednesday: Aubrey and I had lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. Ashley and Evy were out of town. We missed them, but soon our lunches will always only consist of SD and AP since Ashley is moving :( We had fun at lunch, but unfortunately Aubrey was a little fussy britches. She needs to take some lessons from her friend, Ann Peyton, who didn't make a peep the whole time. Haha. After lunch it was nap time for Aubrey. I did my Bible study homework for church that night. The book we're reading is really good (Respectable Sins) but I was so tired from staying up way too late the night before that I literally fell asleep while I was reading it. Ha! After I woke up from my nice little nap, Aubrey and I just hung out. She was a GRUMP. Don't really know why. I was so looking forward to David getting home, but he ended up having to work late. :( We just met him at church. I went to Bible study, and it was really good.

Thursday: Aubrey and I met my family for lunch. It was my brother, Michael's, 14th birthday! We had a nice lunch even though Aubrey was restless. It's getting harder and harder to take her out to eat. When we got home I put Aubrey down for a nap. She wasn't having it though, and after an hour of talking and then crying in her bed I went to get her. She had a dirty diaper, so after I changed her I tried rocking her to sleep. She just didn't want to sleep though. We eventually gave up and went downstairs to play. Hopefully the nap was just ruined by the diaper and this isn't another nap strike!! We went to the park since the weather was so nice and warm (finally!). After we finished playing at the park, we went to Target to get some diapers. We then met David at church for karate. Aubrey was pretty tired by this point. My mom and I went to Lifeway and Kroger (Aubrey stayed at church with her Popsie -- my dad.). When we got home I cooked tacos while David put one exhausted little girl to bed.

Friday: We hung out at home all morning. Around lunchtime, my mom and grandmother came over to help me tea stain my cabinets. You may remember I did this in my last house (right before we ended up putting our house on the market -- ugh!) and I did the whole project by myself (with a little help from David at the end). I though it would look better if one person did the whole project, and boy was it a pain! This time I decided to relinquish control and have my mom and grandmother help. We didn't get a ton done yesterday, and it doesn't look great at this point because it's going to need two coats. But I'm holding out hope that it will look fabulous when it's done! :) After they left Aubrey and I just hung out at home some more. When David got home I told him I was starving and asked him what he wanted to do for dinner. He got this funny look on his face and I finally got it out of him that we were going on a date! I was so excited! It was in honor of our 4 year engagement anniversary. My mom and brothers came over to watch Aubrey. (She totally spazzed out with excitement when they got here. It was hilarious!) David and I went to dinner at Pan Asia. It was so good! We thought about seeing a movie after dinner, but there was nothing we really wanted to see. So we just went to the Renaissance instead. We walked around and enjoyed the nice night. I got a candle at Anthropologie. We then went to Barnes and Noble and hung out. It was SO nice to be able to just sit and read and drink iced coffee! When we got home, Aubrey was sleeping soundly and my mom said she had been good. I had such a fun date with my hubby! :) We then stayed up way too late watching TV :-/

Saturday: David let me sleep in again! When I got up he went and worked in the yard, and then he got ready to meet a friend for lunch. That meant no shopping for me since I had to be home for Aubrey to take her nap. It was fine though. David lets me go shopping every week, so it was his turn to do something fun on a Saturday. (Besides the hanging out with his precious baby girl fun, I mean!) While David was gone, I attempted to get Aubrey to nap. It was a bit of a battle, but I won! She finally went to sleep. When David got home from lunch I went to the grocery store. When I got home I baked a cake for my brother, Michael's birthday lunch the next day. Then I got ready to go to dinner. David and I were going on a double date with Sarah Denley and her husband, Peyton. We were excited because we don't really know each other's husbands and this was their first time to meet each other. My mom came over to watch Aubrey while we went out (Again! Second night in a row! Thanks, Mom!). We were hoping David's mom would be able to keep Aubrey this time, but she had a wedding to go to. David and I rarely do things on the weekend that don't involve Aubrey, so for us to need a babysitter 2 nights in a row was a first. I didn't feel guilty though, because I'm pretty sure that Aubrey would prefer to spend the evening with her Gramzie over us anyway. Haha. We met the Herringtons at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. We had so much fun with them. We talked a lot about... wait for it, wait for it.... blogs! Haha. I'm sure the guys found that thrilling. We definitely want to get together again. After dinner we made a quick Target run and then came home to relieve the babysitter :)

So, there it is. A full, fun week. I think this next week may be a little less busy, but I think it should still be a good one!

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