Friday, March 5, 2010

Strolling and Swinging

Yesterday Aubrey decided she didn't need a nap. Don't know what that was about since she has been napping really well lately. I knew I shouldn't have said that in my last post! (Ha -- I don't really believe in jinksing, so I'm kidding.) The weather yesterday was perfect!! I have been wanting to take Aubrey to the park for a while, but since we've had the coldest winter in the history of Southern winters, it hasn't happened. So, since she skipped naptime yesterday, I decided that it would be a great day to go to the park. I figured getting out of the house would keep both of us from getting grumpy and going insane! Haha.

At first we just strolled. Aubrey liked relaxing in her stroller. Probably only because she was tired. Look at how huge she is! I promise she was having fun -- she just had a serious expression on her face :) [You can kind of see what's left of the bruise on her forehead from her accident the other day.]Next, we tried out the swings. Aubrey loved it... as long as she was perfectly still. When I tried to push her just a teensy little bit, this was her reaction.
Poor baby was terrified. She didn't want to get out of the swing though. When I tried to get her out she swatted my hand away. She just wanted to relax in the swing and take it all in.
That's better. She likes sitting still.We didn't attempt the slide yesterday. I thought helping my toddler down the slide while watching the stroller with all our stuff would be a bit much. We had so much fun though, so we'll definitely try the slides next time! It was just nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful spring-like day and most of all, being with my girl! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Cute pictures! Have you seen the stroller locks? I think that I might order one if I can remember where I saw them. Maybe One Step Ahead? It'd be nice to not have to worry about Evie and the stroller since obviously the girls are more important. Ha!

Ashley said...

I love that she wanted to be STILL in the swing--so adorable and funny! I miss you so much...I'm ready to resume lunches and finally have that night out!!