Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week in Review: Bye Bye Routine

The theme of this week seemed to be no schedule (more so than usual)! Some days we took a nap; some we didn't. Some days Aubrey slept super late; some days she got up early. I'm learning to just be thankful for the days when she does take a nap and let the other ones go.

Sunday: We got up to go to church like usual but realized that Aubrey was sick when we got her up. David went on to church, and I took Aubrey to the doctor. When Aubrey and I got home, we just hung out and I fixed lunch for when David got home. He stopped and picked up her prescription on his way home from church, and we ate chicken tacos when he got home. That afternoon Aubrey woke herself up from her nap coughing, and David went to check on her. They both ended up taking a nap in the floor of her room. Random, but it worked for that day! I took a nap in the bed while the rest of my family was on the floor. Haha. I went to church that night, and David stayed home with Aubrey. That Sunday was the beginning of our Missions Conference week, and we had a guest preacher. I really enjoyed the sermon. When I got home, Aubrey and David were playing and having a great time. After Aubrey went to bed, David and I watched New Moon. He had bought it for me when he picked up Aubrey's medicine. So sweet!

Monday: Aubrey woke up early :( We hung around the house, and then got ready and went over to my grandparents' house. My cousin, Devin, came over and cut my hair. (She does this for a living, so she knows what she is doing :) ) Nothing drastic -- just a trim :) After that, we all (my grandmother, cousin, mom, Aubrey, and brothers) all went to eat Mexican for lunch. It was fun! Aubrey fell asleep on the way home, so I was sure that she wouldn't take a nap when we got home. But she did!! I was so pleasantly surprised. She even slept for 2 hours. That's the longest nap she's taken in a week. She woke up from her nap grumpy though. I think her gums were bothering her, so I gave her some Tylenol. David came home, and we went to karate. During karate we went to Kroger.

Tuesday: We had Bible Study that morning. I had to wake Aubrey up at 9 to go... why does she always sleep late when I can't?! Bible Study was really good. Afterwards, we all had a picnic lunch on the playground. The weather was beautiful -- it actually got hot sitting in the sun. It was pretty muddy though, and I had to strip Aubrey down for the ride home. When we got home, she wouldn't nap. I was so tired after sitting in the sun, and REALLY wanted her to nap that day. I just felt frustrated and emotional that day. I honestly wanted to cry (and may have! Ha!) when she wouldn't go to sleep. I don't know what my deal was, but I'm blaming it on the baby and hormones. Haha. I ended up going into Aubrey's room and shutting her door and just letting her play while I laid on her floor. It was actually nice except for the few times when she tried to lay beside me and kicked me in the face :) After resting for a while, I felt better. It was just an off day for me, I guess. When David got home, he played with Aubrey, and I fixed spaghetti for them to eat for dinner. I had book club that night. It was at Beagle Bagel, but we didn't realize they closed so early, so we moved our discussion to Bop's. Yum! This month we had read a somewhat controversial book. Some of us actually didn't finish reading the book. It made for a good discussion, and we were all respectful of each others opinions and reasons for reading the book or not. I ended up enjoying it, even though I was originally worried there would be drama :) I got home and chatted with David before going to bed.

Wednesday: I double booked -- Ashley and Sarah Denley were supposed to come over for a play date, but I remembered I had a doctor's appointment that morning. Sad that I had to cancel the play date! :( Everything with baby boy looked great though! He has a nice, strong heartbeat. It's always nice to hear :) He's been moving around a lot lately, which I love. After my appointment, it was naptime. Aubrey decided to sleep that day -- whoo! The afternoon was very uneventful. When David got home we went to the UPS store to send back the fetal heart doppler that I rented in December. I have been forgetting to send it back for 2 months -- oops! I enjoyed having it though. We went to church after that. We had our Missions Conference Banquet that night. It was very nice. We stayed late, so Aubrey was late getting to bed.

Thursday: We stayed home all day, but it ended up being a very pleasant day. Aubrey slept late, AND took a 3 1/2 hour nap! She must have been catching up on her seep! We just hung out at home all day. I did laundry and straightened up, and she played (when she wasn't sleeping). We met David at church for karate. My mom and I (and Aubrey, of course) went to the mall to look for some Easter shoes for Aubrey. We couldn't find ANYTHING. Even Stride Rite didn't have anything I liked. So, we struck out. After karate, David put Aubrey to bed while I made soup and sandwiches for us to eat for dinner.

Friday: Aubrey woke up at 8:20, but stayed in her bed talking and playing happily until 9:20. It was awesome! After breakfast, we went shoe shopping again. We ended up finding some Easter shoes at Shoe Choo Train. They were a little more than I wanted to spend, but I couldn't find any other ones I liked. I wanted real leather, and that was worth the extra money to me. Aubrey found some super cute shoes with bows on them that she LOVED. We will have to get those another time though :) After the shoe store, we went to Target. We came home and ate lunch, and Aubrey did not take a nap. Oh well. We played until David got home, and then played some more with him :) We went to Newk's for dinner, and then went to Babies-R-Us. I wanted to get an umbrella stroller for Aubrey. Her travel system stroller takes up pretty much the whole back of my SUV, and it is a pain to get in in and out of the car. Plus, she pretty much hates it these days. I'm hoping that she will like an umbrella stroller better. We took one for a "test drive" in the store, and she LOVED it. She was so mad when we got her out. Ha! We'll see if that lasts. I'm thinking probably not. We didn't get the stroller that night because we had a coupon at home. After that, we went to Target so I could pick up my vitamins, but the pharmacy was closed :( We came home, put Aubrey to bed, and hung out the rest of the night.

Saturday: David got up at the crack of dawn to go to our Mission's Conference breakfast. He then went to do service projects with our church. That meant that Aubrey was mine for the day! She slept until 10:30!! Thank you, Aubrey! We got ready and met my mom and grandmother for lots of shopping. We ate lunch and then went and bought the umbrella stroller. Aubrey seemed to like it, and she was really good all day. My grandmother bought an adorable Easter dress for Aubrey. She's going to be too cute! We didn't get home from shopping until almost 6! David was working in the yard, but he came in and got ready, and we went to dinner at Corner Bakery. Aubrey went to bed early tonight after her busy day! Now, I think I'm going to go watch a movie and then go to bed. :)

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