Friday, March 26, 2010

Cute now, but problem later?

by David Howie

When I got home from work on Wednesday, Aubrey came running toward me babbling excitedly like usual...and pealed off to wave at the dog. She did come over and 'talk' with me, and we sat in the window sill together. Then she went and got her doll and brought it to me to hold. I petted the doll, and we talked some more.

Carrie said that whenever she had picked up the doll all day Aubrey had screamed at her, but she seemed perfectly fine with me holding it. I handed the doll to Carrie, and Aubrey ran over with her hands upraised and hollering. Carrie gave the doll back to Aubrey and she immediately brought it back to me.

It was really cute, but I worry how Aubrey will react when Carrie is holding the new baby in a few months.

1 comment:

J. Henry said...

um.... I definitely need to see a video of this! (If she is still doing it!) Too funny!