Monday, March 22, 2010

After Hours

I had to take Aubrey to the doctor yesterday. On Saturday, she sounded like she was coming down with a cold when she got up, but she sounded better as the day went on. We got her up for church yesterday, and she sounded horrible. It really sounded like she was having trouble breathing. Now, Aubrey is prone to wheezing, so I'm not easily freaked out by that, but she has never sounded like she did yesterday. So, I decided to take her to the after hours clinic. By the time we got there, she sounded much better (of course). The doctor said she has croup, and he put her on a steroid. She has never taken an oral steroid, and I wasn't too wild about her taking one now, but then I remembered how bad she sounded when she woke up. Plus, she is only taking 3 doses. She has had one dose so far and she already sounded much better this morning. She was up bright and early on this dreary day perfect for sleeping late :(

So, we're a little under the weather, but hopefully on a speedy road to recovery. I'm planning on posting pictures of my cabinets very soon, so get excited! Haha.


Christy said...

poor aubrey

KTElltt said...

We'll pray for her. Carter and Addie were concerned about her yesterday.