Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week in Review: Layin' Low

We had a nice week. It was much better than last week. We didn't do much more, but I guess my attitude was just better. It helped that I wasn't dealing with a sick baby. There is such a huge difference between staying home because you choose to and staying home because you have to. Here's what we did:

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday school and went to McAlister's for lunch. Aubrey has recently decided to be extremely picky, and she pretty much spit all of her food onto the floor. Annoying! We all took a nice Sunday afternoon nap, and went back to church that night.

Monday: The heater guy was supposed to come that morning but ended up not coming because he had to order a part. Aubrey took a SUPER long nap -- almost 4 hours! It was so nice! I did tons of laundry and read my book all afternoon. Monday evening I went to our church's Ladies' Night Out at Corner Bakery. It was really fun, and we stayed talking until it closed! David dropped Aubrey off at her little friend Charlotte's house to play on his way to karate. She had a blast playing with her friend and it was so sweet of Charlotte's big sister to watch her :)

Tuesday: Aubrey and I made a long overdue trip to the grocery store that morning. She made up for her fantastic nap from the day before by only sleeping one hour that afternoon. That just doesn't cut it though, and by early evening she was pretty tired! We ate taco soup for dinner and hung out at home. The heater guy came at about 7:30 but wasn't able to fix the heater (shocking!). I watched some of the American Idol season premier, but I really don't think I'm going to be into it this year. We'll see.

Wednesday: We had lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton and Ashley and Evy. It was super fun as always. Then we came home and Aubrey took a nap. I somehow managed to keep her awake on the ride home from lunch, so I thought she would sleep great. But she only slept for an hour again :( David came home that afternoon, and the heater guy came to try to fix the heater AGAIN. (If you're counting, this was visit #5.) We were supposed to leave at 5:30 to go to church, and we had told him that the day before, but he was still here then. David asked him how much longer he would be -- 10 minutes. Ha! He finally quit at 6, and it still wasn't fixed. He said he really and truly found the problem this time though. (I was skeptical.) He needed to come back again and I said he could come on Saturday while David was here to deal with it. Haha. By the time he left it was too late to go to church, so we went to dinner at Cheddar's instead. After dinner, we went to Target and then came home and put Aubrey to bed.

Thursday: Yet another low-key day. We have been getting a fence put up in our backyard, and they came bright and early to finish it on Thursday. Aubrey loved sitting by the window watching them work. She woke up early for her that morning (7:30) so she was pretty tired by nap time. I was also really tired (I've had a cold all week), so I took a nap too! When we got up from our naps, we got ready and met David at church for karate. During karate, my mom, brother, Aubrey, and I went to Target and Books-A-Million. I'm in a book club now, and we are reading the book The Help this month. Um, well, book club is this Tuesday, and I still hadn't started the book! I'm a terrible procrastinator, unfortunately. I tried to check it out at the library, but it was already checked out with 37 people on the waiting list, so I had to buy it. Hopefully I can get it finished on time! After karate we came home, and David put Aubrey to bed while I cooked pasta pesto for dinner for us.

Friday: When I got up Friday morning I was craving a barbeque sandwich again. Weird, right? I'm thinking surely this baby is a boy because BBQ seems like such a manly thing to crave. Haha. So for lunch I drove to Sonny's and got my BBQ. This is the third time I've done that in less than a month. Weird for someone who doesn't even really like barbeque. Anyway, since Sonny's is about 2 minutes from my mom's house, I went over there to eat my lunch and Aubrey got to play with her uncles (and grandmother!) for a little while. After that we came home, and Aubrey took a nap. Friday night David, Aubrey, and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. When we got home, we put Aubrey to bed and I read some of The Help. It's good so far!

Saturday: This morning, David got up at 7 so that he could get some stuff done around the house before Aubrey woke up. He is so disciplined! Then after Aubrey woke up, they went over to my parents' house to pick up our dog, Knightly. My parents had been keeping him until we got our fence built, and since it is finally finished we were able to bring Knightly home. Aubrey missed her doggy! :) Anyway, I woke up at 10:30 to a quiet, empty house. Heavenly! It was SO nice to get to sleep late! David and Aubrey got home shortly after I got up, and the heater guy came one last time at 11:30. (He was supposed to come at 10, but for once we were glad he was late since David wasn't home and I was asleep!) On his sixth try, he was finally able to fix our heater!! Hallelujah! This afternoon, I went shopping with my mom and grandmother, and Aubrey stayed home with David so she could take her nap. I got a couple of things for the house. Tonight we went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and then we went to Kroger. Now we're just hanging out. I need to go read some more of my book if I'm going to have it finished by Tuesday!

So that was a nice, low-key week. Nothing too exciting, but it was good. This week I'm going to try to get out of the house more, even if it's just going outside to play. Sometimes I forget that that is an option -- haha. I'm not much of an outdoor girl :)


Nathalie said...

Hi Carrie! Glad to hear your week was better AND that the heater is finally fixed!! I was just thinking as I read your post, "I miss seeing pictures of Aubrey!".. Do you have any cute ones you'd like to share? :)

Christy said...

Is Cheddars good? We are going to be in Jackson in a week visiting friends and family and thought about eating there...

J. Henry said...

I agree... we need more pictures of Aubrey baby! How are we friends and you aren't a big fan of BBQ?! I think baby #2 is gonna have impecable taste! :)

I know your heater dilemma is already over, but next time you have a heating or air conditioner problem let me know! My step dad lives in Castlewoods and that's his line of work! In fact, he needs to make a visit to Hattiesburg to look at ours! Caroline won't be able to sleep in her room until that half of the house gets as warm as ours. Okay... I'm basically blogging in your comment section. I'll stop now!

Christine Allred said...

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