Monday, January 18, 2010

Stupid Roach

Well, today got off to a good start. Aubrey slept until 9:30 which was amazing!! She woke up in a great mood, and we had fun just hanging out together this morning. I was planning on doing laundry, getting a few things done around the house, and reading The Help since book club is tomorrow night.

Around lunch time I took Aubrey upstairs to change her diaper. I was then going to feed her lunch and put her down for her nap. When we got into her room to change her diaper, that's when I saw it: a HUGE roach running across her floor! Let me just pause to explain for those of you who may not know. I am deathly afraid of roaches. I really don't know how to even convey the magnitude of my fear other than to say it's an absolute phobia! I probably would have been less freaked out if I had seen an enormous rat in Aubrey's room than I was to see that roach. I immediately started screaming from the hall for Aubrey to come to me (there was NO WAY I could go in the room with that roach and get her). Poor baby was so freaked out by my screaming that she ran right to me, and we hightailed it down the stairs.

I called David literally sobbing I was so freaked out. I know this is ridiculous, but I absolutely cannot control myself when it comes to roaches. I had NEVER seen a roach in our old house, and I was so upset to see one here. I feel like I'm going to forever have to sleep with one eye open or something. Anyway, David was sympathetic, but there was basically nothing he could do about the roach upstairs in our house from work. I called my mom and she offered to drive over here to kill it but I told her no (as much as I really wanted her to, I just couldn't let her waste all that time).

So, our afternoon was pretty much shot after that. I did get brave and go to the kitchen so I could feed my child lunch. Haha. The things we do for our children! Then Aubrey and I hung out in my bedroom with the door closed for the rest of the day. No nap for her. I tried to get her to sleep in my room, but she wasn't having any of it. It was a long, wasted day. When we heard the door open and David come in from work, we were both SO relieved. My knight in shining armor braved the roach den and found the roach and killed it. I feel slightly better knowing that one is dead.

Yes, I realize I'm a grown woman and I should probably get over this stupid fear. Maybe I'll work on it one day. Not today though. Today, I just want to forget that I ever saw a roach in my house. Since that's not going to happen though, believe me, I will be at the store buying roach baits tomorrow morning.


Meghan said...

This is my first time posting a comment to you but I just had to after this post. I want to tell you that you are not crazy because I have the same fear and I react the same way that you do. If I see a roach I literally cannot concentrate on anything else. I need to know it is dead. If my boyfriend can't find it... I won't sleep good for days. I can't help but think of all the eggs it is laying (ahh that is so gross just thinking about it)!
My friend told me that one time she was putting on her jacket that she had just gotten from the dry cleaners and as soon as she put it on she felt something freaking out and moving in the sleeve. Well she took it off as fast as she could and out came a roach. She said it was the biggest one she had seen in her life. To this day I still think about it as I am putting on my jacket.
I have found a product that works miracles. Bengal. Its a little expensive but it really keeps them away. I spray it everywhere. The fogger works good for the first time. My friend used it in her house and she said she came back to a bunch of dead bugs in her living room. She had no clue they were all in there but at least they are dead now.

caroline said...

I am afraid of roaches to.I also rather see a rat.

Sarah Denley said...

Carrie, you are hilarious. Please PROMISE me that next time you see a roach you will at least call me. I live about five minutes from your house and if I'm home I will be more than happy to come kill it for you.

I find it so hilarious that I am actually able to be independent and not "girly" about anything, but my parents live on the Reservoir and they had/have bad roaches, so they aren't a big deal to me.

Christy said...


I am the same way. Roaches terrify me!!